What did you do to your GMT today?


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I think I'm actually going to drive it today for the first time in over a week...if my bum can take it.


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Cleaned engine bay, usually do this once or twice a month:
Added a strip of hard rubber edge molding, to cover the sharp section along the top of the firewall:


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That's one clean looking engine comprtmnt!
Question; what are the gains (if any) to running the CAI and resonator delete ?
"What I did today",....actually it was last night,...I ordered 3"/2.5" lift,...1.5" wheel spacers,...and Cooper AT3 265/75/16's,... work will begin next weekend.
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Finally moved that parts Saab into the driveway because my son needed its transmission. It might not be any better because the fluid was really dark and the history of this thing is not good. Engine was blown and already removed, had a 2.5" Magnaflow muffler in a 3" system, had an eBay cheap "6.0 Power" emblem on the rear even though it was just a 5.3 as well as matching cheap chrome stick ons everywhere. Poor thing :cry:

Hope to get it stripped and gone this week.



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...a victim of TB abuse. :stars:


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Polished two of my SS replicas. Finish up the next two later. Takes me about 15 mins per wheel with my buffer. I use Mother's aluminum polish first since it's more aggressive and works quicker then I go over it with Surf City aluminum polish. Not as aggressive and shines it up nicely. Then two layers of Surf City nano seal. I wanna try some ceramic sealant on them to see how that holds. up


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Gave in and took the front springs to a shop to have the new HD Bilsteins swapped in.

Had used a rental compressor kit, but when I noted the rods / keepers were beginning to bow, and I needed to compress more to be able to properly install the retaining nut, I decided to have it done at a shop. Wasn't happy with what they charged, but at least I didn't have to deal w/ a broken compressor, and I can finally start putting the truck back together (as soon as I swap the plugs on the driver's side).


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Got my second layer of sealant curing for a couple hours. I think after the tires on my stock 17s are dead I'll look for some 18s since I can't stand the look of the 17s after seeing it with the 20s. I'd use the 18s as rainy season wheels.

Did you seriously run that wiring through the firewall? You could have used the connectors under the rear seat.
I would never run an amp of any sort off the rear. So easy to go straight to the battery and less risk. LED lights n CB is all i have hooked there.

Making progress little by little. This truck is a pain to run wire in.
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Now to deal with this mess after work.
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Such fun it is. Looks like you are keeping it clean though.
TB had stabilitrak sensor and traction control sensor coming on all the time for a few months now. Got new sensors and still were coming on. Techs found that every time turning all the way to the right or left (i forget) that it would touch the sensor. Had a full front-end alignment done haven't had any issues yet.


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Slapped the basket back on the roof
Looks good ,. Like the bumpers,.couldnt view your rig in you build thread cause stupid photobucket crap,
It had the TPMS light on this morning. Solid light so it's a low pressure somewhere. Went out on the way back home from breakfast. Will check pressures later.

Checked a misfire.

And while I was there, replaced the rear washer motor (spare from the old TB, love having spare parts!)

Ordered new plugs for the misfire ongoing diagnosis.

Edit: Checked tires and all were around 30psi. It was pretty cold last night, near freezing, so pressure could have dropped below the low pressure threshold so I pumped them all up to 35psi. Stupid just having a light and no individual tire pressure display :mad:.
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Stiiiiiiiiiiill waiting for the continuous thunderstorms to stop so I can put back on my rims. But I did have my buddy tune my system with his SMD DD1...still didn't like the sound on my door speakers so I tweaked a bit to my liking. I actually had to turn it down a bit since it was too loud for me. Atleast I know what not to exceed into distortion based on the DD1 settings. I still need to replace the speaker wires with some better quality ones.
I abused her. I'm such a bad owner. :sadcry:

Was backing into a parking garage spot at the mall, and thought I had a little more room on the passenger side than I really did... CRUNCH!


Thankfully I got those aftermarket tails from @DJones so those will be going on when I get home tonight. Also try and buff out the paint.


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Hello everyone

Replaced all of the Brake pads today on the TB...
Last week on the way to work they started squealing on me :nono:. Discovered the fronts were down to the wear indicator and with me hate hearing noisey brakes I took a pair of pliers an bent the tang knowing I would be digging into it very soon. So that's what I did...
The rear pads had some life left in them but went ahead and replaced them anyway. The front pads was shot...
Everything went pretty smoothly expect for one of the drivers side rear slid pins that was semi seized but was able to remove it and lube/grease it up.

Tomorrow I plan to Bleed/Flush the entire Brake system.

What I found odd about the whole process was the instructions with the front brake pads. It stated to torque the bolts to 42-46 Ft-lb...
My Chilton Manual and the PDF's that @Mooseman posted both states to torque the front bolts to 31 Ft-lb and the rear bolts to 23 Ft-lb so that's what I did.

Hopefully there wasn't a revised torque procedure for the front caliper bolts...if so someone please chime in and let me know so I can fix it.

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!


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Tried drilling out the studs in the muffler section that I sheared off when I took the cat section out. It took a long time to remove a bunch of material but I still didn't get them out. Maybe a different bit, maybe a smaller one would work better.


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After yesterday's Brake pad replacement...today came the Bleeding/Flushing of the Brake system.

The fluid was black like old oil so it was long overdue...first I started by siphoning out all the old fluid before I started then topped up with new fluid (like I always do)...
Then the fun began...
Only took a couple pictures on one wheel per axle but you guys get the picture.

Here is a example of what came out and what went in...
With new Fluid, all new Brake pads and with the TB not being a DD, the Brake system should be good for quite a while.

Thanks and have a great upcoming week everyone!
Ordered a new water pump and replaced the liscensce plate bracket on the liftgate. I found one in a local bone yard and had it painted. Total cost= $100.
Today i repare my automation transmission.
If Mosseman can explain to you what was the problem
Mosseman? That's fine mon ami! :biggrin:

He was having TCC slippage, at first thinking it was an issue with the engine. I recognized it as TCC slippage. Recommended to him he get and install the "shift kit" that fixes this, the one without the Vette servo. Anyway, after LOTS of messages/emails back and forth, videos, instructions here and on ORTB and some translations, he got the balls to do this himself despite not waiting for me to translate the official instructions. He initially had an issue where it wouldn't engage at all, told him to check the internal shift linkage to the shifter valve and voilà! A beautifully shifting tranny. Bravo!

Now for myself, replaced the battery in the TB. After 10 years, it was due.