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Muffler on the envoy
After some pretty good rain storms last night, there were a ton of dead leaves knocked out of the trees. Since I didn't get to really test out the leaf shredder yet, decided to throw on some gloves and grab a rake. I filled a pair of 72 gallon yard waste bags and let the machine eat. Took a peak after the first bag went through, and took the receiving bag off after the 2nd one went through. It's advertised as having a 16:1 reduction ratio. I didn't do any math, but after seeing these results, I wouldn't doubt it.

IMG_20180312_171527.jpg IMG_20180312_172250.jpg IMG_20180312_174249.jpg

Just from the test run, I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. It does churn out a TON of dust, even with the receiving bag snugged up around the base of the machine. Definitely have to stand upwind if at all possible. Will have to wait and see what it does with grass clippings, but I think this is pretty promising so far. :thumbsup:
School then probably cleaning up the garage while the block is getting cleaned up. Maybe assemble some stuff relating to the engine...
This machine shop is legit.


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Trying to find a customers payment, which their bank says we cashed, but we have no record.
Slow day in the office. Few of the ladies brought in some pies today, along with some other sweets. Have a conference call with corporate at 2 pm, to get some updates on a new database system they are rolling out to early adopting offices next month. I get to be the point person for our office on that, and then train the rank and file, so that will be cool. That should leave me with about an hour of time wasting before I go home for the day.
At work, wishing it was Friday...

After a discussion with a couple of coworkers today, I am suddenly craving bacon wrapped burgers. So I may be making a trip to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow, so I can chow down on some goodies this weekend.
I was supposed to snow blow the driveway but to do that, I had to repair a flat on my sled trailer so I can move it out of the way of the garage door to get the blower out. Meh. All I did was eat and watch YT videos. Need to get some sleep before night shift.
Since it consumed my whole day for a change, I guess I'll post up the update video here too...

Another Monday in the office... After picking up somebody's cold late last week, I'm heavily medicated today and trying to fight off the rest of it myself after being a couch potato all weekend. Most of the department is out today, but things are kinda slow, so it's working out and keeping folks relatively busy.
Went on an hour+ drive with the Tech 2 to do a CASE relearn on a '99 Sierra. Was running like crap and was throwing a code for performance issue with crank sensor so it wouldn't even let me do the CASE relearn. He had already replaced it and checked wiring continuity to the PCM, all good. He decided to sell or scrap it. He paid me for my time anyway. Since I was on the Quebec side, picked up a bunch of "cretons" (it's a porc meat spread, kind of like head cheese) and 2 bottles of maple cream liqueur called "Coureur des Bois" (Woodsman). Awesome!
Routine day in the office. Morning meeting got cancelled, boss is offsite at an event, so things are pretty quiet around here.

Currently evaluating the cheapest and best way to install a trans cooler on the Envoy. Damn the one from PCM of NC looks sweet :inlove: but it comes with a hella price tag. :mad:
That's the same one I bought a couple years ago, very happy with it. :yes:
Getting ready for another nor Easter.. :sadcry:


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@ the job watching the snow fall also going to go pull out the snow blower and get her ready for what is yet to come.
I haven't been posting do to the fact the wife has been out of it. She has lost a few family member do to illness in the past year and it's been taken a toll on her but I'm sticking close by her side to help with all I can. It sure ain't easy but that's what marriage is all about sticking through it in the thick and thin.
Another day, another dollar... Or so they tell me. Half working, half planning a design on a beach cart to carry most of my stuff. Decided I'm going to go with PVC pipes and joints. During my research, I stumbled upon "furniture grade" PVC, looks real nice, but of course you gotta pay for it. Think I'll make this first one out of the cheap stuff just in case I screw things up, or need to make changes. Maybe upgrade somewhere down the road. :undecided:

After work, planning to go see Ready Player One. Buddy of mine got free tickets, so that will make it worth sitting in rush hour traffic to head to the other side of town. After that, have to stop at another friends' house to pick up my suit for their wedding that I'm standing in, in just over 2 weeks. Should have had them a while ago, but the company messed up the colors. They caught an earful from the bride-to-be, as you might expect. :eek:
Waiting for the temperature to get above freezing before going out to the garage to finish the transmission filter and fluid change on the Yukon. What idiot thought it was a good idea to put the exhaust in the way?

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