What are you doing today? [Part II]


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Glad they got you diagnosed, I hope you make a good recovery!

So yesterday we rolled out of the yard just after 7am. We rolled back in just before 8. We snagged 100 squares from a local gent and have at least 100 more we can get later this week perhaps. I helped buddy last week load 100 squares from the field so he has 20 sitting aside for me.

Today I unloaded 74 into our little barn and have them stacked nicely. The heat finally got to me so thats it for the day. I'm in the midst of night shifts so I can't burn myself out.

This heat wave is unrelenting so we are quite far behind our fencing. We have a couple acres of grass we need to open up so hopefully we might at least have it staked later this week.

We also have a couple acres we need to get seeded to grass but its far too dry and I doubt it would grow, let alone germinate.


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Well boys, I got to hand it to my wife. She works hard all day and doesn't quit. So I get a text around midnight saying how happy she was that I got some bales moved. Well she decides to finish the job and gets the remaining 25 moved and stacked. Thats with her busted ankle and all. I got to say that I was worried because the up and down into a trailer and climbing a bale stack is really hard on her but its +32c today and absolutely sweltering with no wind. Would not be pretty.


Moved some more stuff to my mum's old house for my son. Went out to look for some things at Rona (Quebec's Home Depot) and spotted some appliances on clearance. There was a washer and dryer pair that were floor models reduced to a very attractive price ($545 each). Went back with him and he paid it upfront. We'll go back with the trailer to pick them up on Sunday since we were pressed for time for other stuff today and he'll be working night shifts Fri and Sat. And with the trailer, it will be easier to load and unload instead of bench pressing them up into the back of the Avy. There was also a nice bottom freezer fridge with water that was reduced by $500 but he didn't go for it. It would be perfect for him. If it's still there. I'll try to convince him.


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Project "Stupid Can" update.

Found some 220 wet-dry in my box of sandpaper.

Scuffed up the surface, after 2 coats of color had a week to dry. Blew this dust off with the compressor and wiped it down with alcohol.

Now, I've got this run to deal with. Painting outside is not easy. You never know how much paint is blowing away on the wind, and how much paint is sticking.
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That ISP I switched to for about 45 days last year has been harassing me to come back to them, and I finally caved. They offered me 400 Mbps for $45, which is considerably more speed than I have now(100 Mbps), for a much lower price. My biggest gripe about their service was when the utility grid goes down, so does their signal, even though I have battery backups on my devices. Figured the cost savings would be worth the occasional inconvenience. Tested the new service after switching, and the speeds weren't very impressive. About 250 Mbps wired, and 60 Mbs wireless. Realizing my 7 year old router was likely the bottleneck, bought a new one.

Got that setup last night, and tweaked some settings this morning. Much better results, about 480 Mbps wired, my phone sees 450Mbps but my other devices on wireless not so much. Old laptop and TV got some old technology, they were sub 100 on wireless, so I'll keep those wired up. PS4 was in the 200s, but was over 300 wired, so that can stay too. :thumbsup:

Been hunting around the house for a spare ignition switch, and of course it's nowhere to be found. Will probably end up buying a new one, and then find the spare after it gets put in... :frown:


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Well cool ride, thats still the story of my life.

After packing in some decent overtime this past week, I got today and tomorrow off. Didn't get much sleep but headed out to help some other friends load up square bales from the field. Its sweaty, dirty and the bugs are bad but any day away from the office is time well spent.

My wife and kids were in Crimetown for shopping and swimming and should be home soon. Then off to a friends for a visit.


Yesterday, went to the cottage for the day just to enjoy some burgers, a couple of beers and watch the kids swim in the lake.

Then this morning, after his night shift, helped my son pick up his washer and dryer using the utility trailer on the Avy. Was uneventful except that they swapped the washer with a new-in-box sealed one instead of the floor model he was supposed to get. Sweet! Then back home, looked at the RV trailer's black tank rinser I installed that is leaking. Where the hose is supposed to seal on it, there is a manufacturing defect that is allowing both fresh water and tank water to leak. I had bought it originally at Crappy Tire in the spring and couldn't find the original receipt so I went and bought another one which was only in stock at a store at the other end of town. "Oh, and dear, could you also stop by Costco to pick up a few things?" :duh: By the time I got back, I didn't have time to replace it as we were going to a neighbour's for dinner. Gonna have to finish tomorrow.


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Cleared some more bush for another fence line. Got another hour or so to finish the clearing... I hope. There is a couple more skinny trees that might need to be dropped yet. The lilac bush was not as bad as I thought, its not technical work, just a grind.


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Finished off my fabricated cable rail on my baby deck off of the master BR . I think we like it so I will probably do the big deck next year after replacing treated with Trex composite.


Playing hookey from work for a couple of days. A friend of mine is visiting from out of state with her son, and he's been wanting to go to Busch Gardens. Now that he's tall enough to ride the roller coasters, which mom isn't all that fond of, he's gonna need a ride buddy when mom chickens out on the big ones. :laugh:


Not much today. Moving some more stuff for my son and looking at more truck porn :biggrin:


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Sanded out the runs in my project can. Cleaned up the inside with some acetone and poured in an epoxy bottom (20mls.) This will protect the thin metal bottom and give it a little ballast.


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Haven't been up to much, other than work. Had a nasty plow wind run through yesterday evening. Got caught outside and barely made it in. We faired well with just some branches and an old tree down. Other neighbors got hail, lost power for 12 hours, travel trailers knocked over, trees down, a roof missing on a cabin etc.

I fiddled with the 3500 today. Still need a new MAP sensor but now have that reoccurring P2580 turbo speed code. The hell its the turbo sensor I say. I pulled the intake ducting and checked the resistance. 900 ohms, well within the 600 to 1600 or so bracket. Fck you P2580!!!20210723_212040.jpg20210723_212150.jpg


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Taking a nice cruise around on the bike
the temps were perfect and even the wind felt soft against the arms. Ran into some heavy fog 3/4 of the way through my trip so instead of getting into an accident I turned myself around and returned via the way I came. I left before the mrs. woke up and took her kindle with me just to prove a point. I told her I went to the damn store but they were closed.

But then I noticed I couldn't even purchase any gas for the pumps don't accept credit cards! And lets ask the youngsters how to operate one of these pumps. There are four or five old stations near me with these old pumps outside their stores.

And for the FINAL proof I went to the DAM STORE, here it is :woohoo:



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