What are you doing today?

It's what I didn't do to it today. Change the fuel rail as planned. Got diverted to fix a pipe for the kitchen faucet. My son was replacing the faucet and when he was done, a pipe leaked at a joint. Wasn't his fault. Was a crap job by the previous owner and the solder joint failed. After turning off the water, I was able to just pull it apart. Had to cut out part of the cabinet bottom to access it, cut off a piece of the pipe and join another piece to rejoin the rest. Then had to make a piece to cover the hole using an old piece of melamine furniture.

So now not enough time to work on the TB and my whole week is full so don't know when I'll be able to do the rail.


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So that's how retirement works? :biggrin:
I'm semi retired. Working as a reservist, I can pick up shifts as I please. I didn't work for the past two weeks. :tongue:


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Cube, then to DMV to spend way to much money on new plates for new trucks. Then back to the cube.
Work. Lunch right now. Hoping to hear back quickly on my offer on that house. It is bank owned and I've been warned they can take a while.
Foreclosures can be a doozy to get thru or they can be boom boom boom. depends on the bank and if they are motivated to get it off their books.


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I bought my house as a foreclosure. The bank was really quick to move. The lending company.. 6 MONTHS!
Just trimmed a foot off the bottom of the Xmas tree as it was thin on one side and it was also too tall to put the angel on top. Now going to try to snooze a bit before working another night shift.
Counting down the days until my niece is born, everybody in my house is pretty anxious. Everyone at work asks me everyday if the baby is here yet. Feels like I'm the one having the kid...

Got a team building activity tomorrow. Boss is taking us bowling for a couple hours, then pizza party back at the office, followed by a cookie exchange. Got a lot of people that like to bake, so I planned on chillin and stuffing my face. Last year, I was in a particularly good mood, and made some Rice Krispy treats with Oreo cookies in em. Decided to bring some to work and leave em in the break room... Well apparently they were well received, cuz not only were they gone by lunch time, but once word got out what we were planning for tomorrow, I received numerous not-so-subtle hints to make sure I brought some.

So made a batch this evening, used double stuffed this time, and used my mom and sister as guinea pigs. They approved. :biggrin: 20181205_182802.jpg


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Making pork belly burnt ends.
Suggestion for mods: There needs to be a cooking / recipes (sub)section -- if for nothing else, so that @Matt (& @Blckshdw , etc.) can post their various goodies for the *rest* of us to toy with!

As for me today - cooking a lasagna (figured I'd mention that first, considering...lol), going to look at / pick out some tile (& tote it back in the Voy if I find some, since the Sierra isn't back yet), do some preps for 1st day back at work tmrw, and watch Bears-Rams tonight (while I eat said lasagna).
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Suggestion for mods: There needs to be a cooking / recipes (sub)section -- if for nothing else, so that @Matt (& @Blckshdw , etc.) can post their various goodies for the *rest* of us to toy with!
Because this is a truck forum, we really can't have a section like that. There are forums out there dedicated to that. However, we can certainly have, and support, a thread(s) within the off topic section. I know that @HARDTRAILZ had such a thread for his cooking endeavours (healthy cooking IIRC).

Otherwise, we would wind up with sections regarding just about all topics under the sun.


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3-D modeling some parts for class.


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At work. I'm trying to cut out of here a bit early so I can go pick up the parts I need and get the Voy back on the road. I was going to call out but realized I was out of sick,vaca and personal day's. Cant take a day off I cant afford.


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Because this is a truck forum, we really can't have a section like that
I was thinking along the lines of a subforum under 'off-topic' / 'anything goes'. No worries, tho.


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Cleaned my 1969 Polish P64 Makarov (I love surplus fireams). It's sat in my truck for 2 years, haven't had to use it thankfully. I just love the patina on this, it's a beautiful almost copper/slightly burgundy color. The lighting in here is not adequate to get an idea of what it looks like. These are great blowback operated pistols by the way, chambered in 9x18.
I was thinking along the lines of a subforum under 'off-topic' / 'anything goes'. No worries, tho.
You can definitely start one there
Adding to my pay check.


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Work, road testing a new hire today, calling prospective new hires. Our economy at my company has more than exploded. We were this fairly small company, with a income potential of about 2million a year. As of October, we are now at 18m a year. Hired 13 contractors in the last month, and we still need about 10 more.
Trying to stay awake at work.

Had our monthly all staff meeting this morning. Each month senior leadership honors an employee for doing good work, making people better, and all that warm fuzzy stuff. The person who won it previously, has to get up and say a few words, then the award is passed on to the next... Last month, I won it, so had to get up in front of everyone today. I HATE public speaking, sets my anxiety off every time, although everyone who knows how I feel about it, says they can never tell.

After that, lunch was catered in from a Cuban spot, so everyone stuffed their faces. They also had a dessert contest (I didn't participate this time) and there was tons of stuff. I have a to-go plate on my desk right now, and am typing this up as I try NOT to nod off during a conference call in my office, that's a complete waste of time. lol
Studying for finals and making desert for Saturdays Christmas party.

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