What are you doing today?

Wishing I had one more day off work just to sit at home and work on projects on my truck I just have not had time to get to.
Now I'm wishing I had more time at work to get this stuff done before I leave.


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Work, then heading home to use my new frame tool, and see if I can get this frame straightened on my Mercury. If I can, I hope to have this car done by X-Mas.
Decided to finally cut the grass when I got home from work, should be the last time for the year. Opened up the shed and there was a big ass rat up on the top of a wall. I obviously startled him, and he scurried over to some shelves, raced down the side, and was about to head for the door for an exit, but I was in the way. He turned around and went back behind the shelves, and it was all quiet. No idea if there's a hole back there, but may have to squeeze between the shed and fence to check and put some chicken wire back there.

Got everything mowed before sundown, and some lady pulls up in front of my house, rolls her window down and waves me over. Proceeded to have a weird conversation. She said she was wondering if someone lived in this (my) house. OK, I've been here for over a year now... OK, maybe because I park in the garage, but my sister has been here since May, and she parks in the driveway, so you can't really miss that, but whatever. At this point I'm wondering why she's really here... :weird: Then she says she lives a couple blocks over, was doing her early morning run and as she was passing my house on the main street around 5:30 am, she heard giggling/laughing from what she thought was my back yard. No one was in my back yard, both gates were locked. Did have to explain to her that there's a pretty big open space due to the retention pond, so if anyone on my side of the cul de sac was in their backyard at that time, she woulda been able to hear them. She didn't believe me, but I didn't care. That was the highlight of my day.
Went to the Dr this morning to get some blood taken for lab work. Home now on the PS4 for a lil bit before heading to work. The team is doing some offsite work at the aquarium today, so meeting up with them at 10:30 to caravan over, since the boss is paying for all our parking.

Not too thrilled about her choice of location. Aquarium is cool and all, but it's smack in the middle of downtown, and with the plan being to wrap up at 5pm, that means downtown rush hour traffic. My usual 20 minute commute home, will be closer to 90 minutes instead. :ugh:
Waiting for some dumb apartment thing to happen. Sooner the better, because if it happens sooner I can then head in to work. If it happens later, I can't get anything done because I have to sit and wait for them.


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Sitting at work, sipping on some coffee. Then heading home to lick my wounds, hurt my hand on my frame straightening machine.


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Trying to make it through classes. Finishing all my homework this afternoon so I have time to work on projects this weekend. Some big changes coming soon. :salivate:
Finished a night shift this morning, slept two hours and then went to the ophthalmologist only to find out it's just for a couple of pics of my eyeballs and peripheral vision check. No doc exam :mad:

Pretty nice day today though for once. I'll try to sleep a bit more and then try to do some stuff on the TB. Need to get winter tires installed.


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Applied for more jobs.... got fired nearly 2 weeks ago, due to a policy violation. Situation was exaggerated by their awful security people. Wasn't even upset when they got rid of me, actually felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Just goes to show how fed up I was about the place in my mind. Trying to avoid jumping into another staffing agency and working in manufacturing. Such an awful work environment when it comes to the people (favoritism, laziness, child-like drama, complacency) in that kind of workplace. Been applying for things like Safelite, rental agencies as a washer/detailer, landscaping, entry-level hands on stuff (mechanical, maintenance or utility related). It's starting to get depressing. My girlfriend's step-father said I can work with him in the meantime. He and his brother own an auto detailing company that also does power-washing for trailers. He said I could work with him until I find a job I like. They haven't had any working window with all the rain this week, so he's calling me back Monday when he can know what kind of work they'll be doing the next few weeks.
Bug guy finally came. Kinda messed up the whole day though. Now i'm at Discount Tire getting new meat on the Silverado. Having one of the old tires put on the spare to replace the too small 11 year old tire that won't hold air.


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Dont know the area of the country you live in, but a lot of dealers are recently expanding there parts drivers fleets, and paying a decent wage, plus discounts on parts and repairs. just a suggestion.


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Waiting for the adjuster from insurance to come and look at the tree that came down on the fence and back of the house.
When I cracked an eye open this morning, I thought it was Saturday. Then I fully woke up, realized I still had a full day of work ahead of me, and was :mad::hissyfit::badday:

Now I'm in the office, and the day is crawling by. I'm not the only one to feel that way, nobody seems motivated to do much work. If it was my call, we'd all get to go home at lunch time. :uhno:
After getting the truck washed this morning, ran the string trimmer to cut what I missed with the mower last week. Last couple of times turning my compost pile, I ended up having a sore throat for a few days afterwards. So I'm assuming I got some mold spores in there that I inhaled. :stars:

Picked up some 3M disposable respirators and threw one on before adding some new material, watering and turning the pile today. much harder to breathe, had to breathe through my mouth most of the time just to feel like I was getting enough air. We'll see how I feel tomorrow when I get up for work.

Got showered up then met up with friends at a sports bar for our bi-annual Bears/Lions game, get some lunch and talk trash. Everyone except our friend who's the Lions fan was having a good time, due to the score, we ended up leaving at half time. :whiteflag:
Vacation starts now!! :wooot:

Only worked for 2.5 hours today, since I need to burn more PTO so I don't lose it at the end of the year. Have a Dr appointment at 2, then will do some grocery shopping. Thinking of taking mom and sister to the beach for dinner, watch the sunset and have a nice family moment, but that cold front that passed through... :undecided: I'll let them decide.


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Fiddling with a Saturn I picked up at auction(cheap) for my daughter to use as a college commuter. It was struggling for power above 1500 RPMs, otherwise it was pretty clean. Looking like the PO drove it a long time with a misfire and fried the cat. Yay.
Ran the car, cleaned the garage. Got the Christmas crap down and put away the car for the winter. Winterized the ski and cleaned out the truck. Hopefully nothing breaks.
Just had breakfast after a night shift. Will be heading out to pick up my rims with winters installed on them for the TB (which is still down waiting for fuel rail et al).
Kinda relax day today with light snow falling outside. After making myself some breakfast, will head out to look at, and hopefully buy, a set of winter tires and rims for my son's Sylvy for $80. His current set are weather cracked in the thread and one won't hold air.

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