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A while ago I promised to post some pics of my dedicated yard plow vehicle, 87 Samurai on a shortened 77 Blazer chassis with 3/4 ton running gear.
These are three stages of evolution: 1. when first finished as a project with my then 15 year old son, 2. As a track truck with 44" swampers(son's Area 51MX track), 3. now freshly rebuilt as my yard plow truck.....Mike.
Scan.jpeg DSC02459.JPG 100_4032.JPG 100_4033.JPG
found one more with the 44" swampers
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This is my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer I had for 11 Months until someone went left of center and I had to avoid a head on collision.
Blazer Before.jpg
Aaaand After. I had to crawl out the drivers window. I got 4 stitches in my right knee from getting cut on the glass crawling out. Nothing else was hurt. Hence why I bought a Trailblazer ( I just hope it fairs as well should the need ever arise to put it on its lid)
IMG_20170815_093106.jpg IMG_20170815_094224.jpg
Here is a picture of it at the Tow yard.

Here's me on my other passion at a time when there was snow and it was running. Right now, there is not enough snow and I don't have a starter in it. Mooseman_MP.jpg

And here it is just the week before. The one on the left is mine.

Screenshot - 16_01_2018 , 11_45_30 AM.jpg


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I was digging through some old hard drives and found some of my former rides.

Not road legal but sometimes saw the roads, my custom lifted EZ-GO electric golf cart. 100_3913.JPG

2005 Ram 1500 2010-08-14_14-45-28_936.jpg

1993 Saab 9000 Turbo

2011 Toyota Sienna AWD 2011-04-10_18-28-08_810.jpg

2011 Toyota Tacoma Sport 2011-09-02_15-36-23_555.jpg

...And my first GMT 360 My 2007 Trailblazer LT
2011-04-10_18-25-24_311.jpg 2011-04-10_18-27-36_470.jpg

OK, this last one I didn't own or drive (maybe a few times) but I was in charge of it because I was the Conductor :biggrin:
1970's EMD SD-40 Locomotive(s)
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Other ride


Other ride
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Besides the 2002 Envoy, I have a 2005 Silverado, a 2001 Jaguar S-type and a couple of street rods.

36 Chev PickUP - 350 SBC, Turbo 350, 12 bolt posi and Mustang II IFS and a 31 Ford Coupe - B motor, B trans, 40 Ford rear w/Columbia 2-speed. Motor has Cragar OHV.

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