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Your Other or Former Rides

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by HARDTRAILZ, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Bow_Tied

    Bow_Tied Well-Known Member

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    Just picked up this '87
  2. northcreek

    northcreek Well-Known Member

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    A while ago I promised to post some pics of my dedicated yard plow vehicle, 87 Samurai on a shortened 77 Blazer chassis with 3/4 ton running gear.
    These are three stages of evolution: 1. when first finished as a project with my then 15 year old son, 2. As a track truck with 44" swampers(son's Area 51MX track), 3. now freshly rebuilt as my yard plow truck.....Mike.
    Scan.jpeg DSC02459.JPG 100_4032.JPG 100_4033.JPG
    found one more with the 44" swampers
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