What are you doing today?


Went to the u-pull for a bumper and headlight for my son's GF's Corolla, wound up getting a bed liner for my son's Silvy (his is all cut up from a now-removed fifth wheel hitch). At least the admission fee wasn't wasted. None of the Corollas they listed were there :mad:


Think I am gonna have to open a business account at the bank to start cashing checks. They being a pain in arse about it


Just getting settled in the office, working a half day today, since I had a Dr appointment this morning. Biannual visit to collect and analyze bodily fluids to make sure everything is doing what it's supposed to. Follow up is next week. The drive in was nice, partly cloudy, mid 80's, windows down, music up, and a good breeze since there was moderate traffic. It's times like those, that I would like to be in a convertible. :yes:


Drove my eldest son home, stopped by one of my favourite burger joints, Harvey's, for lunch, then finished up working on that generator. New carb went in (old one the bowl was too rusted inside and was just $20), new gas tank went in after I went hunting for some screws for the fuel gauge, oil change, started right up, adjust the governor for engine speed to get right Hz under load. Total $120 for a 2800w/4000w surge genny for backup at the cottage. More than I was expecting to spend but the tank itself was $50. All in all, still not a bad deal.



About to head to an all staff meeting in a bit, and listen to upper management ramble about stuff for the next 3 hours. :rolleyes: I stayed up late watching basketball last night, then woke up at 4am and had trouble getting back to sleep, so we'll see if I get in trouble for nodding off or not. Chugged an energy drink, so hopefully that helps.

Solar company emailed me my PPG (Power Production Guarantee) document yesterday, so reading through that. I remember the sales guy mentioning stuff about if the system doesn't produce what it's supposed to, I get money back. Didn't pay it much attention, since it was probably just a marketing ploy to get you to buy in, and that they'd make sure everything worked so they wouldn't have to give you any money anyway. In a nutshell, for any 12 month period, if my solar array doesn't produce 95% of what it's supposed to, then the company will cut me a check for 2x the difference at the average rate charged by the utility company.

:undecided: So that would make up the difference that I paid, and then put that same amount back in my pocket. And this holds true for the next 25 years under the warranty. Pretty good deal I say, but hopefully it never comes to that, and the system performs well.


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Last day off. Worked on the sleds last night and also set up my new cheapo troybilt string trimmer/brush cutter. Was going to get a fancy husqvarna with the sled money but I rather keep the sleds.

Ferrier is here trimming up some horses and then off to town to help the wife at the store. Hopefully get some time this evening to work on the sleds again.


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Driving up to make sure they didn't screw up the colorado worse before it goes for the bed liner. (Yea I'm still driving that POS cruze... it's all around crap and I understand why GM shit canned them)

Then work, clean the boat, do the garden and then hopefully either helping my friend paint (bought a house) or going to see my friends friends blues band at the stone pony. We'll see just how much I want to punish myself today.


Holiday here in Canuck Land. Just rubbed up 3 racks of ribs that I will throw into the smoker later.

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