What are you doing today?

Got an email from my home insurance company this morning, to let me know there's a compliance issue with my air handler. Where the 2nd condensation drain pipe leads to a drain pan... There's no drain pan. :confused: So researching my options for float switches to replace it. :book:

Don't mean to rain on the parade with your "lifted" washer setup at all... but you know those don't NEED to be that high off the floor right?
I have never seen anyone lift them higher than those drawer bases put them...unless you count if there's a "raised/curbed" area.. garage, basement or otherwise..
Yeah I know. I asked my friend I was buying them from, if they had the pedestals, but he misunderstood me and said no. The manuals I downloaded said they had to be 18" off the floor for a garage install, so I made the platform thinking they'd be based at that height. Show up at his house Sunday morning to see they have the storage pedestals, and the taller ones (15") out of the 2 styles too (shorter ones are 10"). :duh:
I'll try to drop the tank, the exhaust and rear shocks on the old TB today but the heat and humidity will probably kill me by noon.

@WarGawd will be coming by tomorrow to pick up a few spare parts for himself. He's the only other local member.
Since tomorrow is trash day, dove into The Abyss (the nickname for my shed) to excavate some more crap. It's faint, but I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I can actually walk around safely, without fear of tripping over stuff, turning an ankle, or thinking something may bite me cuz I stepped on its tail :redface:


Forgot about under the shelves, stuff is packed pretty high under those too


Started a heavy parts pile, for stuff that I'll gently place in the back of the EXT and take to the scrap yard for a few $$$ and some gas money. Lots of boat engine parts, gears, and plates leftover.


This is how it looked originally

@WarGawd will be coming by tomorrow to pick up a few spare parts for himself. He's the only other local member.
Always get a :thumbsup: from me for mini meets! :biggrin:
Looking up parts for a coworker's 2000 Bravada. Basically needs every suspension part replaced. Shocks are old but had been done at some point and are OK for the time being. But everything else is factory original and totally shot.
Well today, continued on with the part out. Exhaust, aluminum driveshaft, transfer case encoder motor, exhaust manifold. @WarGawd came by and picked up the 4 calipers, cluster, rear washer one way valve, 6 coil packs.

Then the fun began.... the running boards. 30 :lipsrsealed: bolts! Couldn't use the impact because the frame was in the way. And 3 of them, the nut broke inside the rocker panel just spinning.

The end is near. Just the rear springs and the disconnect to come out. One last go through the interior for personal stuff and then call the scrap to pick it up.
Busy one today. Sold my old W&D set to a coworker and her husband, so helped them load those in their pickup, and unloaded at their place. Had him help me take my set off the platform, and left them on the garage floor. Will use the platform for something else.

Worked in the shed a bit more, shoveling junk and clearing space. Smells a bit less like urine in there, so it appears it was the junk that got pissed on, rather than the wood floor. Will still hose the place down once I get everything out of there.

Now, relaxing for the evening, having a couple of drinks and watching the UFC fights.
Went to work today after a 3 week hiatus. I call it retirement training or teaser.

Then went for dinner with my son for his 19th birthday, along with the wife, his GF and a bunch of his friends. Mill St. Brew Pub. Nice place, good beer, but service was sub-par. Server was hard to nail down and my elk burger was way under-cooked. Manager was nice enough and my dinner wound being being free.
Back at work.

This! But with the added bonus of beta testing a batch upload feature with corporate, for 6 hours a day scheduled for the whole week.

Started out with 5 people in my office when we started, there was only 1 other person still here by the lunch break. Why can't I leave too? :sadcry::helpme::Banghead::bonk:
I planted grass seed in my fresh dirt at home.
I guess I never hit send on Friday... replaced the liner in our pool is all I did. Today I'm going to figure out the drip on the tb. Maybe I'll work lol.
Left the cube for good on Friday (not retiring - I'm sure there will be another cube at some point). Getting ready to stuff the Voy in the garage to start a bunch of work I've been wanting to do for awhile...

I have 90% or better of the parts; they've just been sitting around waiting to go in. Thankfully, some items are related, and removing them will assist in replacing the other parts.

Fuel filter
New front suspension (except for tie rod ends)
New alternator (prep for amp / speaker replacements)
New fan clutch (as of yesterday)
New water pump (since I'm there when I'm removing the clutch)
Tune from Lime-swap (to eliminate the fan codes, etc.)
Change coolant & rad hoses
Replace spark plugs
Bleed brakes / replace fluid
Replace rear brakes (and hopefully find the source of the intermittent 'clank' on the rear passenger side I've had since getting the truck).
Replace rear hatch glass / spoiler
Replace vent actuator (on last legs)
And if I'm still looking for a new cube after all of that, replace amp / speaks.

Should be enough to keep busy for awhile, eh? :missing: :wooot:

I'll see what I can do about pics, but generally, with greasy hands, I'm looking for a rag, not my phone... :tongue:
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Off work today. If I can get my butt in gear I'm going to be attacking the long to-do list at home.

Best way to start is to chop holes in the ceiling right?

Tried to mow the lawn this morning, but got rained on twice before finally giving up. And blowing through 3 batteries, so I'll do the rest tomorrow. Installed a float switch on the secondary condensation drain pipe for my HVAC. Hopefully this will satisfy my insurance company and they get off my back.

Now, got some laundry running and relaxing for a bit, before meeting the guys out for some wings and UFC.

ETA: And watching Shark week stuff off the DVR :thumbsup:
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