How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?


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Just wondering how long you plan on keeping your TB/Envoy. I do not have any intention on selling mine in the foreseeable future, or at least until I am no longer able to get parts.

I really do love this truck. Even at 11 years old, it still drives really nice, and is perfect for what I need it for. I just wish I was more knowledgeable on fixing anything that go wrong with it.


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I have an '03 with 215,000 miles. It's going to need tires in about a year. That's when I think I'll call it quits. It will be 18 years old with around 230,000 miles.


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My daughter has 4 years of college to go so I'll be keeping my 2004 on the road at least that long. I'll roll it past 200k by then and 20 years of service is more than you can ask of most vehicles in the rust belt.


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Looking at 192k on my XUV, plan on keeping it for the foreseeable future, although it has also been delagated the duty off "back-up vehicle". New tires, and soon to have a new front suspension, but it runs to good, and has literally been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned (except those damn wheel bearings).


The '07 I picked up 2 years ago at 87k Km (54k miles) and it now sits at 145k (90k). It's still in great shape with just a few rust spots I need to get fixed and usual ball joints, tie rods and brakes. My '02 TB I kept to over 320k (~200k) when the tranny died. So if I average 30k/year, that means at least another 5 years. And if the body is still in great shape, if a major component fails (engine or tranny), I may spring to fix it.

The '06 Saab is another story. The body is in sorry shape with rust through in both quarters and the tailgate. The engine makes a little noise which could be piston slap that it's been doing forever. Because it has the 5.3L, it is relegated to mostly towing duties of the RV in the summer so the rust shouldn't get any worse. I may try a ChrisFix body job on it. How long will it last? Who knows. It's now at 230k (143k). Depends on how many Km it does and how it endures the towing.


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What a great thought provoking topic. I bought mine at the end of March, just under 90k miles. When I bought it the idea was to get 4 years out of it, and anything after that is a win. When the service brake system light came on, I wanted to sell it. At the same time, I'm considering buying a Tech 2 so that i will be better prepared to fix problems as they arise. I've already invested my time and money into undercoating and 100k mile maintenance, 3k mile oil changes. So I'm really hoping to see another 100k plus and 6-7 years. In the meantime, I'm keeping my eye out for another one, just not a SAAB, I do not like the idea of automatic 4wd, and not silver, one of the 2 worst commonly used car colors ever.


I do not have any intention on selling mine in the foreseeable future, or at least until I am no longer able to get parts.

I just wish I was more knowledgeable on fixing anything that go wrong with it.
I'm pretty much in the same boat. Learning as I go, when things go wrong. Hoping I've got time, and the right tools to tackle things when they pop up since it's my only vehicle. I bought my 05 back in 2009 with 45K miles on it. I don't take long trips and my commutes have been relatively short, so I've only got 124K miles on it now. My previous 2 vehicles, I kept until they were well over 200K miles, hoping to do the same with this one


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With so many of these out there, I don't think that there will be a time that you won't be able to get the parts that make it go.
I guess it will come down to reliability and how much you want to spend on repairs.


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In 6 to 9 months. It's now 17.5 years old. The rear doors are toast, the lift gate has a bubble and both rear quarters are starting to rust just above the tyres. It's got 184,XXX on it now and I go through a tank of juice a week, it's just time.

smt 59

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Sold mine in April last year as it was just taking up to much of my free time constantly repairing something. Sucked gas like it was going out of style and I started noticing that some big ticket things were likely on the horizon. As I suspected the new owner is pumping some money into her now.
i owned her from new and had it for 14 years, loved the truck but it was just time.


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I think the 5.3 Envoy will be will us for a while. No real issues except a leak at the front seal and rebuilding the front end.

Now my son's 2005 Trailblazer the goal is get 4-5 years and about 50,000 miles. Just did the first oil change since the post purchase baseline one. We invested plenty of time and resources to bring the maintenance up to current. This included rebuilding the front end, new struts and shocks, new exhaust manifold, replace the leaking power steering and transmission lines, replace the fuel pump, new intake gasket and new tires. That truck was at the edge of being a beater or being a nice reliable vehicle.

I have a Suburban that has over 308k on the clock and is a 1997 so I think the next 5 years they are safe.


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(Happy 2020, everyone!) 🎉

Assuming the following variables are unchanged, it'll be with me until I die, given the maintenance and $$$$ that I've put into it...

- I don't lose the battle to rust (starting to notice more of it popping up in places; the rear quarters, liftgate, & roof worry me the most, along with the frame. The hood / doors / fenders don't worry me at all; repros are readily available, and same for all MY.)

- It doesn't get into any sort of accident (b/c I just saw that the book value has dropped to $2000, so if it gets hit, the insurance company probably won't hesitate to write it off). If this happens, I'll explore 'buyback' / salvage options (assuming I don't drop down to liability-only, which is a possibility I'll talk about in another thread)

- I become incapacitated, or permanently lose my driving privileges. Since I'm mid-50s now, I figure I've got at least 20-25 years left to continue driving.

- Mechanical parts remain generally available (it has a built trans and an LS Gen III engine w/ 156K on it... lotsa miles left, and it runs flawlessly, right now, so I'm not too worried about this.) The main problem, here, is that I don't drive a lot of miles with it (a vehicle needs a bit of 'exercise' to keep it functioning well)

- Scarcity of fuel or air (due to various reasons). If this happens, the ensuing societal collapse pretty much makes deciding to 'keep or ditch' it, a moot point. (yeah, major bummer).

- I don't require another vehicle for a specific purpose (managing 3 vehicles with a 2-car garage (that really only fits 'one') and no overnight on-street parking in my village gets to be a hassle). Two is much easier to manage, and allows a backup, if one is out of commission. It's a pain in the tuchus to shuffle three vehicles in / out. If I had to keep only two, the Envoy would probably be the 'odd one out', I'm afraid.

Of all of those possibilities, the first 3 are the most likely. Just being my usual thorough self. LOL


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There no telling how long I'd keep the Voy. It's a damn good Vehicle for my current needs and so far repairs on it have all been standard stuff that are known to fail on this plateform. Its upwards of 199,800 miles and with routine maintenance at that 200k miles I think I'll evaluate all things considered and hope for another 100k miles.

I've got a few electrical gremlins and a small starting issue that even had @Mooseman scratching his head when we spoke about them. We had a good laugh when he said "did you check the battery" .:dielaugh:I'll have to start a thread on those soon as they are becoming more annoying lately.


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With around ~250,000 miles my 2002 Olds Bravada is still very strong. I'm trying to work out exactly how to accomplish a complete exhaust replacement (manifold to rear bumper) without spending an arm and a leg. I've considered scenarios for when/if the motor or tranny dies - but I have no plans to give up on her.


With around ~250,000 miles my 2002 Olds Bravada is still very strong. I'm trying to work out exactly how to accomplish a complete exhaust replacement (manifold to rear bumper) without spending an arm and a leg. I've considered scenarios for when/if the motor or tranny dies - but I have no plans to give up on her.
Exhaust: I have always found it cheapest to buy the big pieces online(muffler and cat) then let a local shop bend up some pipe to put it together.

Traz 2.0

I have an 07 with I think around 113k miles (Cluster died at 112k) I don't plan on selling this. refits, engine swap, etc. as long as I can do something to it and they keep making parts Ill have it and work on it,. I love my truck and there is something to be said about not having a truck payment!


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Exhaust: I have always found it cheapest to buy the big pieces online(muffler and cat) then let a local shop bend up some pipe to put it together.
That's what I have planned. I'm holding out for the "new" design exhaust manifold with the thicker flanges and I'll source grade 8 or higher bolts to fit it properly. I'll likely get a universal cat unless I can find one that is listed specifically for this thing.
I was going to attempt the exhaust manifold remove myself - I just bought an angle grinder to assist with it. The local shops (2) that I'd potentially use to do the job are not dealerships. They're "mom and pop" type places that will do what is necessary if they can't do what's "correct". One gave me a price based on book time and rates, the other is simple "time and materials". Both will allow me to bring parts to them. The exhaust manifold is my biggest concern because I have at minimum 1 broken bolt and several large cracks in the manifold.


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I plan on my newborn son 6 days old to drive it to school as a sleeper when hes 16 like i did my 1st vehichle was a mazda b2000 pick up with a turbo 350 tranny ford 9 bolt rear and with spider gears welded locked and traction bars custom for getting out the hole with out spinning. The engine under the hood blew eveeybody mind...old school 231v6 grand national motor fully built blue printed head and blocked no intercooler for the set up instead used water and methenal injection to cool the turbo down and for a stock manifold im surprised the turbo spools as good as it does im just tryin to see if this old school trick with new school tune can bypass all the other.ppl problem with the p10 pcm goimg to limp mode when it sees boost im gonna try this on lile 8 pounds after 3 year and i believe the ve and load tables are perfect dor it to b done n/a and not under boost but in vacuum × or barametric pressure and skate by with it boosted and jus build power from the na tunes. Got hp tuners latest dowmloads
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After i wrapped my 04 Envoy XL into a pole, I got my current 05 TB LT in 2015 with 85K miles on it. I am now pushing 200K. It needs tires and a 200K service, but runs good and everything works except the CD player. With 3 kids in college and a mortgage, I have no plans on letting is go.


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I plan on my newborn son 6 days old to drive it to school as a sleeper when hes 16 like i did
I spent almost 2 years getting the 06 9-7x into a pretty good running vehicle. I plan on making that one the race car in the very near future (future sleeper). Since I just picked up the 07 9-7x. Now I'm probably going to spend another 1-2 years getting that into good working order. Those two will be temp parts vehicles for each other.

I don't think I'll ever get rid of either of them. The plan is to start fiberglassing (mold the panel and then replace it with the fiberglass panel) each panel that starts to rust. I'll probably die working on one of them. It's like a never-ending story but, I do enjoy the challenges, most of the time.

The insurance company is going to hate me for the amount of times I'm going to put each of those into storage and active, back and forth.

Still trying to get the GF into a GMT360. She's a Buick fan, so I might be able to get her into a Rainier! I need 3 parts vehicles. :rotfl:


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Only way I can see getting rid of mine is if I completely total it or someone gives me an offer I can’t refuse.


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I just bought myself a 06 SAAB 97x with 4.2 and 142k miles, my winter beater. Brake rotors were warped pretty bad, rear air suspension is leaking down over night and the AWD was binding... Took a chance with it as I got it very cheap and other than those issues it seemed pretty good.

Once I got it home I gave her some love. Changed the engine oil/filter, transfer case fluid, rear diff with the updated GM gear oil per tsb, front diff oil, brake fluid flush and the engine air filter. The coolant and thermostat had been done the previous year. Installed some new winter tires. Replaced all the wiper blades. Found some really good front rotors and a encoder motor from a Buick Rainier at the local Pick and Pull, fixed 60% of the brake shake and the AWD functions as it should now. Hit up Rock Auto for some new rear brake rotors and pads, I also adjusted the park brake while I was in there. Brakes are now smooth as butter...

Future plans are to remove the air suspension and install Belltech Tahoe lowering springs and replace upper and lower ball joints...

So far with the help of this forum using the search function I have been able to find everything and anything I would need to keep the beast on the road, a big THANK YOU to all that have contributed over the years.

So ya, I plan to drive the old girl till there isn't anything left :smile:


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They can be durable when well maintained. Currently my TB is at 229K mi and going on 18 years. I'm planning to go around 4000 mi on the next roadtrip - if it survives that then I'll keep it for years more. I just got new back tires and balanced all 4 and it drives like new - (although I've never driven a new one:smile:)


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...and it drives like new - (although I've never driven a new one:smile:)
I say the same thing every time I replace the front wheel bearings..


Mine was as close to new as I could get with 87k Km. Rode pretty nice then, still does at 145k Km.


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I have 2002 Envoy; which I bought two years ago with 117K miles. I bought it, for what I thought was a fair price $3000. It needed tires, then a couple of months later a transmission rebuild ($3000). Since then it has been a raft of other issues, coil packs (3), water pump, electronic fan/clutch, alternator, transmission coolant lines, a/c pump, O2 sensors and a catalytic converter.
Now I’m driving it without any service codes set; which is nice. The gas mileage is better (17 mpg), it had gone down to 12 mpg.
All of the above happening while we’ve been moving; which we are still doing. I have a lot of stuff from over 50 years of collecting. We probably shouldn’t have moved, but we did. There have been times, where I was wondering if I was going to live though it.
If the weather was better, I could finish in a few weeks, then on to selling the old house.
There were times, when I thought about another vehicle, but with all of the work that I’ve done to it, we’ll keep it for quite a while, unless something major happens.


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I say the same thing every time I replace the front wheel bearings..
I said it when I redid the front suspension two years ago, along with 4600 (?) Bilsteins front / rear.


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My '05 EXT 5.3 is at 205K. The engine is smoking on start up more often (but I just saw a Silverado that looks newer do the same thing), the usual rust spots, but very minor (this won't be the reason it goes), some decent ticking on cold start up, A/C leaks down slowly due to leaks at the rear air (for now), and a custom underbody rust prevention kit - everything leaks! But, the rust was already there. The engine damage that causes her to drink oil was done before I got her back in August of 2012 @ 139K miles. No spare tire due to a crusty, rusty orginal wheel.

The good is the trans was rebuilt @ 177K with a couple of tweaks, and the tires, both summer and winter, are in great shape and are on stock wheels. The 4WD works as it should. All power items work, no broken/chipped glass (I bet I just jinxed myself), and it pulls whatever I can afford to pull with it. It also has a new rear gas tank strap. I'll throw in the front one to the right buyer! :smile: I love the layout and overall size - not too big, but big enough.

I'm looking at Traverses and Acadias (and yes, Explorers) as a replacement vehicle, most likely within the next six months. I was hoping for another year but I'm not sure that is going to happen. I doubt I'll turn it for a trade with the extra set of wheels/tires so I'll offer them here. May not get much in trade, but it may be easier than trying to sell it myself. The black leather interior is in great shape, so someone may be interested in it as a parts vehicle. I do have a Lime-Swap tune in it, so that's worth at least $99!


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I was told it'll outlast the colorado I just bought so I'm keeping her as backup. No real rust for a rust belt car so no reason not to honestly. The clear coat is starting to crack though. Probably years of road brine and being parked in direct sunlight. Passengers side is bad, drivers is fine, pass gets hit with the light all the time.

I'll see 300k in it.

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