How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?


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His younger brother acts up a lot more than he ever did... hence why it's back at my house instead of being the shop run around vehicle... still never get tired of looking at the TB though. Aged very well.


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Our '06 TB will need to go at least another 5 years or so. My older son drives it now...he's a junior in high school. Depending on a lot of things....he'll probably get something a little newer in 2-3 years, at which time his brother will be driving ,and he will likely get the Trailblazer for a few years. It's good enough for around town driving and we know it's quirks, plus it's relatively easy to work on.


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I also just bought new summer tires. The old ones were great, very even wear between the tires, but at the end of last summer the tread was down to 2/32.

So I am hoping it will last until this set of summer tires run out. Maybe three or four years. Still runs fine, but I am sure things are lurking around the corner .....


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Hey folks - I just dropped in after another long absence, to find a spot to let people know I've reached that point where I'm finally willing to let go of my '05. Still been driving it daily, but some issues are starting to arise that will require more maintenance for me to keep it, and I just don't feel like investing the time and energy. I considered selling it, but I suspect when I go to get it safetied I'll find a couple issues that will need to be corrected for it to pass (mainly upper control arm bushings & cracked exhaust manifold).

Bought in 2012 with 170k km on it, now over 400k...served me well, but I've made a deal to pick up a beautiful 2012 X5 50i with M-sport pkg next week.

Kind of a shame since it has sooooo many recent new parts, I figure I'll part it out before I dump it as scrap.

If anybody has any interest, PM me for details
Cheers :smile:
So, here's some pics of the X5, fresh from an exterior buff and polish and engine bay cleaning.

@Mooseman , you might be able to see why I'm not really all that sad! FYI, I had just done the rotors, calipers, pads all around on the 'Voy just prior to the winter season, you should seriously consider retrieving them before I scrap it. Also had new winter Michelin Xice Xi2 on alloys mounted in November and new Pirelli Scorpion ATR on better alloys used from April til Nov last year....

Cheers :smile:



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An 05 with >150k miles... you can take it... from my cold dead hands !!

Boricua SS

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Most of the OG's know my backstory.. I've been through so much that she's staying in my family forever. Pretty doubtful that they will ever be "collectible" but i would hope that someone in my family would appreciate her when the time comes. '07 SS that I bought on Oct. 20, 2008 with 9800 miles on her. 13 years later, her body has 62,xxx miles and her new heart has ~7-8,xxx miles. The only way i could possibly see her leaving is if I come across a trade/deal for one my dream cars. Unless i hit the lottery and can have all 3 :crackup:


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For the past 16 years our '04 Trailblazer has been our daily driver, but now has been put out to pasture. Engine still ran strong with 199,500 miles on it, but the rest was getting too tired. It was replaced with a 4runner (ironically it was traded in on it's 16 birthday of being purchased).

This site has been a great site for learning about the trailblazer and willingness of all to help others. May this continue. With the good banter between folks it's good to know others are always willing to give a helping hand. On a side note my wife hugged the trailblazer "good bye." and still talks about it daily. Had the trailblazer as we know it still being manufactured we would have purchased it again.


And you're more than welcome to stay and hang out. We still have some that are now owners of other brands. Yes, we're that good!

Your example of people moving to other brands shows that GM is not responding to what people want. Hello GM, are you listening?


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Your example of people moving to other brands shows that GM is not responding to what people want. Hello GM, are you listening?
Apparently they weren't listening about making Ventilators either and had to get a kick in the ass to wake them up.
This is from a company that was bailed out a few years ago. What ever happened to the GM that we grew up loving.... :confused:


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Moose, my thoughts exactly on gm not listening. When this one miles out, I would like another but they really only make one platform body on frame and its go awful expensive. Everything else they have is glorified minivans. Really my only new option is the 4Runner.


Short of a crash totalling it, I'm planning on keeping the TB forever since I got it in near mint condition. I've been getting it oil sprayed for winters. If it ever needs a tranny, I'll get it rebuilt. An engine, they're plenty in yards. Same with just about every major component.

If ever I need a replacement, I may look at the 4Runner but I'm a big guy and have no idea what the interior space is like. May have to go to something full size.

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