What did you do to your GMT today?


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Had a few adventures last week. I ordered a 12" electric fan for the Envoy. somehow got it wedged in behind the grille and wired up to the old alarm switch in the dash below the radio. Now I can just hit the switch when I leave it idling and the extra air flow keeps the temp down. Ofcourse its in the 60's here now so have no idea if it will work when its 90+ degs next year.
Had the grille off and being lazy didnt bother to put it back on. Drove the Envoy all last weekend, the 1st extended driving in a long time. Probably put 75+ miles on it. Then watching the news last Sunday night and there was an Envoy IDENTICAL to mine except for the V-8 emblems that was involved in a hit and run about 4 miles from my house and the cops are on the lookout for it.....Here I am driving all over town with no front grille!!! I must have some kinda luck not to be in the slammer with a sprained neck and taser marks all over me!!
So I wake up Saturday determined to finally get that #8 spark plug changed. But 1st my work truck has had a CEL coming on and off since i went thru a concrete cloud when they were repaving a street a couple weeks ago. Throttle postion sensor so i figure it needs cleaning. Boy did it....I cleaned on that bad boy for a solid hour. Got it looking good and back together, fired it up and.....3000RPM idle!!!! Thought it would throw a rod.... Tried the cutting ignition on and off, etc but no help at all. Now Im in a panic as this is my daily driver for work. Drive it around a bit and no better, its stuck WFO....Its running down the road at 2200RPM without even touching the pedal. I should have done some more research but its close to noon now and Im desperate so I ck the local auto parts and the Irish have a re-man TB pretty cheap so I order it and its supposed to be in the store for pick up at 1pm.....2pm rolls around and havent heard a word, finally around 3 it gets there.
I pick it up and the change goes really easy.........UNTIL I remember watching a few videos where they recommend putting lock tite on the crews in the blade.... I better do that since its a re-man and probably doesnt have any. Find the perfect bit and somehow grab my drill to pop them out with. Put on the lock tite and not even thinking I put 1 on the drill and zip it back in......CRACK!!! Broke the screw off .........What a F'N idiot!!! Spent the next hour drilling the little screw out, somehow got a small square bit drove into the hole and was able to unscrew it through the back of the blade. Used a screw from the original throttle body and got it all back together finally... Fire it up and you guessed it.....3000RPM!!!!!!! Its damn near dark now so I come inside and do some research and ofcourse instantly Im reminded of the relearn it has to go through. Ive spent half a day changing a TB I didnt need to change....
Blew an entire Saturday for what should have been 2 hours work and o by the way..........Ol #8 is STILL in there!!


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@aaserv Pull the battery cable off, let it sit for about 30 mins, and plug the cable back in. Then turn on the key for like 30 seconds, and then start it.

Saturday me and my wife celebrated 15 years married, 21 years together. We were supposed to go out and get pics, but the weather didnt want to cooperate (65-90 mph winds, for an outdoor photoshoot, no thanks!).

So we went out for a drive, and I came up with the bright idea of visiting the place we used to frequent while on vacation in Colorado when we were living in Missouri, Winter Park, CO. That was a bit of a mistake... Got to Empire, CO, and we hit 50 MPH winds, with snow. Following a Semi truck up the hill, who is maybe 20 feet in front of me, as we were onlyk going about 10mph, and watching a Semi completely disappear from the blowing snow! Time to turn around, and head back home. I had plenty of faith in the truck, just not in everyone else around me.

It still amazes me how much weather can change in 5-10 miles. One side of Empire CO was clean and dry, just windy, 7 miles later, couldnt see shit!
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I ordered a 12" electric fan for the Envoy. somehow got it wedged in behind the grille and wired up to the old alarm switch in the dash below the radio. Now I can just hit the switch when I leave it idling and the extra air flow keeps the temp down. Ofcourse its in the 60's here now so have no idea if it will work when its 90+ degs next year.
So you've got it setup as a push fan, in addition to the stock fan/clutch?


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So you've got it setup as a push fan, in addition to the stock fan/clutch?
Yes, I don't think it would help much when moving as the pull from the fan clutch has it turning almost full speed when moving but while sitting at idle it definitely helps. Its probably not a cure but for $18 and 30 mins to install its worth a try.....until the 1st time i forget to turn it off and come out to a dead battery....lolIMG_20201116_131100420_HDR.jpg


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I greased up the u joints, outer tie rod ends and end links on the Trailblazer. Was hell. Everything was cold and the grease gun was miserable, even after several hours to warm up. Just got so busy this fall when I should have done it.

I then made some wires with connectors to connect the grounds on the driver side of the frame with an underhood ground by the battery. This was in efforts to find the issue causing my brake and abs lights to be on. No change. I will bring it to a local independent shop for a scan of the chassis codes. Need to focus my efforts.


Put that fan switch on an ignition switched circuit so you can't kill your battery.

I've just been driving mine. It needs an oil change. No time to do anything. Work has been ridiculous lately with late hours and such nonsense.


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Removed the gauge panel from my plow truck since this vehicle is not registered for the road so speedo and NG fuel gauge not needed plus the panel has some value on Ebay.
My FiTech readout has all the info I need plus a new Fuel gauge and sender were installed.
This is a shortened 77 Blazer with a Samurai body.


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Got #8 changed today. I swear I tried to change the thing when I had the strut off of it and couldnt even come close to it. Took the wheel off today went thru the fender flap and although I did it by feel as you still cant see it I took it right out. Im not sure these plugs were not original. Delco's with the same number I used to replace them and virtually no tip left on it. I wouldnt be shocked if these plugs had 203K on them. Runs much better of course but still sluggish below 60mph. Nail it at about 60 though and it will snap your head back. I still believe the camshaft is wore out.
I dont even remember how long its been since I got it back together and fired it up, months I know but less than 600 miles for sure. Oil still looks brand new, clean as the day I put it in. Next up is replacing the cam, valve springs and seals and those damn elcheapo rear shocks. Took the ones off my parts car but they feel worn out. Ill wait till I can get some new Bilsteins I guess unless I find some decent looking ones at U-PULL. I dont know when Ill get the cam done, not sure Im up to tearing it all down again by myself. Should have shimmed the new oil pump when I had it down so theres another reason to go back into it. Got a 4 bolt throttle body and intake but would need new rails, injectors, etc not to mention the now $250 x-link. Im always tight for cash during the winter so just take it as it comes I guess.
I do feel comfortable driving it now without fear of over heating or not starting. Its not 100 degs anymore either so that makes it a lot easier on the old gal.
I took the original grille and red GMC plate off the parts car and put it on it . Looks a lot better plus it came off the Envoy my Mother bought brand new in 2003 so its got some sentimental value to it also.. Took it out and washed it and made a few pics. Looking at the pics it does look a lil strange with out the rack on top.. Maybe could use a lil lift in the rear ???IMG_20201121_133331807_2.jpg

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