What came in your mail today?


For my snowmobile, a valve shim kit, machinist's rulers and two conductor weatherpack connectors. Amazon two day shipping FTW.


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A powered grease gun. Got it on an Amazon return warehouse deal. Regular is $145, snagged it for $90. Just like brand new. Ordered it last night and in my hands this morning. :2thumbsup:

Had been looking at the Ryobi powered gun since I already have a ton of their tools and batteries but found it expensive, never in stock here and doesn't have variable speed. This is about a third of the price. And my son is getting me a Lock n Lube from his shop so this will be a sweet setup.


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Tarp for the pool I've been meaning to get covered.
No HF nearby at the new house, eh? LOL

As for me... finally got my new license plates for the Accord yesterday. Sent off for them over a month ago; had to fill out the app for title / plates online on their website, then mail in the documentation, title, & 2 checks, because all the DMV sites in the state were #CovidClosed until Jan 5th (normally, you can go and get plates same-day at the local DMV offices).

Anyway, the 5th came & went, and no plates (so I could've gotten them faster if I'd just waited for the offices to open back up). :Banghead::bonk::whiteflag:
Still waiting for the reissued title, but at least I can 'legally' drive the car, now.


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No HF nearby at the new house, eh? LOL
Funny you should say that I went to HF to pick one up but the one I got was about 5' short on one side. Lol my own fault for not measuring the pool. Smh. Besides they only had odd ball sizes no squares. So I picked up a 19' 6" by 15' 6" and so yeah it didn't get the job done. Hopefully I'll have better luck today and get it done today.
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While I was out, these came in. 1/8" connectors to adapt my helmet communicator with my noise cancelling ear buds and replacement foam type tips for said buds. Also got a smoking deal on this Blackstone 17" griddle. Was an Amazon warehouse deal on a returned item. Normal price is $280+tax, got it for $116 taxes in. Apart from the box getting retaped, it was brand spanking new. Will be great this summer!


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Told myself after the PC upgrade, that I was gonna chill out on spending for a while. That didn't work out so well... The blue van dropped off a couple things today.

Got a 15 gallon ATV mount boom sprayer with spot spray wand. I'll have to fab up a mount to go on the back of the riding mower, but I've got scrap 2x4s, so no worries there. Will assemble to test the pump and check for leaks tomorrow.


Had been considering getting an inversion table for quite some time to help stretch out my back. On the floor with a yoga mat just isn't doing it anymore. Talked to a number of close friends who have/had one, and they all said it helped them as well, so pulled the trigger.



Brake parts for the Avalanche. Good Amazon warehouse deals for the rotors. One said 'major cosmetic damage but still.usable', $53, and the other 'used very good, packaging will be damaged', $71. Regular was $98 each. Sure enough, only the boxes were damaged and retaped. Rotors were still sealed and perfect. Pads were regular price $66. Also got hardware kits as they were cheaper than getting just the slider boots.

Now just have to wait for the hubs which are coming from the US. Was originally saying sometime after March 1st but it's now saying this Tue.


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Well, the hubs came in even earlier than expected.


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Quiet ride muffs came in today. Already installed them in my 509 Delta R3 helmet. Talk about nerve wracking to cut up a $350USD helmet. it went fairly well except that when I went out for a ride tonight to try them, they kept deflating. I'll check it out tomorrow. Hopefully it's something simple. They still did reduce the noise but not entirely, especially the track howl, but still better.


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New front propeller shaft.

Mine is original with the original U-joint. I'm sure the U-Joint is easy to replace but the boot is showing signs of age and who knows how much wear is on the CV portion.

Also before I chalk up my new set of Defender LTX's as being out of round (whole other story), I wanted to cover this base. I can also feel what I believe is a slight vibration/grit when at speed and this could possibly be a cause.

Cost to rebuild was more than a new one so with over 300K it's due.


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The upgrade to a 140 amp alternator on my plow truck has moved the problem(slippage) to the single V-belt drive, which is probably why manufacturers went to the serp. drive using the high amp alternators that are common now.
Going to double up on the V-belts but will have to make damper and wp pulleys since nobody makes them. The alt. one I just got is the easy one.s-l500.jpg


I've been slacking off lately. Yesterday, picked up a Ryobi inflator, which will be useful with the RV. They've been sold out in-store and online for this model for a while so when I saw this one, I grabbed it as it was the only one.

Today, received some more stuff for the RV. A new shower head, battery monitor, anemometer, wifi backup camera.

The anemometer is to measure air flow improvements when I mod the A/C.


A recall letter for the Avalanche and a macerator pump for the RV .PXL_20210326_224108066.jpgPXL_20210326_224231379.jpg


My order for the Av from RA finally arrived one day late. Bosch fuel pump and lock ring, Melling high volume/pressure oil pump, timing chain and block type old style tensioner, front diff seals, O2 sensors balancer bolt. Somewhere in the second box full of air bags were my parts :weird:

Gonna be busy.


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Mailbox full of offers from the Gulf Coast casinos as usual.. After being closed most of the last year they are BEGGING people to come throw away some money. Free rooms, free play, free meals...Free Free Free!! I guess there are a lot of people out there who dont realize if you lose $1000 and get a free buffet you just paid $1000 for a meal!!! And usually not a very good meal at that....lol


Got a digital angle finder. Should come in handy for a few things I've got planned down the road. It measures slope/angles by inches per foot, degrees, millimeters per meter, and percent. Has a magnet on the bottom, and the display flips over when you go beyond 90 degrees.



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New Motorola MB7621 modem...didn't fix the lag issues with Youtube TV, so we're staying with our current provider.

I've done everything I can to fix the issue, new router and modem, line was put into the house 2 years ago, wired direct ethernet to TV and it still lags and goes worse than SD watching live TV.


New Motorola MB7621 modem...didn't fix the lag issues with Youtube TV, so we're staying with our current provider.

I've done everything I can to fix the issue, new router and modem, line was put into the house 2 years ago, wired direct ethernet to TV and it still lags and goes worse than SD watching live TV.
Call your provider. I went through the same thing. A few years ago, I had issues with intermittent connection and speed issues and bad TV signal. Was a weak signal so the tech added a booster in the house. Fast forward to earlier this year, internet would drop for no reason. New modem did nothing. Finally sent a tech and what happened is that the signal was now over-boosted. Remove the booster and voilà, great internet. Figure somebody properly fixed the low signal issue at the pole when a neighbour subscribed to the same provider.


Reese Towpower
Reese Towpower Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch Ball Mount | REE 21141 | Qty: 1

VersaChem VersaChem 0.14 Ounce Anti | VER 13111 | Qty: 1

VersaChem VersaChem Dielectric Connector Grease | VER 15311 | Qty: 1

RainGuard RainGuard 18 Inch Wiper Blade | TRI 31-180 | Qty: 2

Now ready for a tune up, and some fun.



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New weatherstripping to replace what's sagging and splitting on the TB. :smile:

Sunny and warm today, so hopefully I can at least get the driver's and passenger's side front doors done once I'm off work hours.



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A very well packaged set of front strut yokes thanks to Bob aka @MRRSM 20210512_182955.jpg20210512_183039.jpg20210512_183101.jpg
As great a job @MRRSM did with the clean up on these there is a 4 part procedure needed before putting powder on them.
1.smooth out all the hammer dings with a grinder or sanding disk on our air tool.
2. Although some area should be smooth like where the yoke connects to the lower control arm, where the shock attaches to knuckle and the pinch bolts path the rest of the arm needs to be sand blasted to keep a consistent etched texture. To keep the finish look silky smooth as the powder melt and bonds with the metal.
3. This step is very important to powder coating because you never know what could have soaked into the metal and show up in the cool down/curing (this is especially true when doing used valve covers. We have had to redo more then just a few) its the gas out step. This is done by placing the yokes in the oven at 450*f-500*f for no less then 30 minutes.
4. After allowing the yokes to cool down where we are able to handle them they get wiped down with Prep sol to remove any last contaminates.

And only then does the powder go on and they get placed back in the oven for the last time. Unless of course its a 2 or 3 part color.

Thank you very much for these Bob there very well appreciated and they'll definitely go back to service on my Voy.

Anyone looking to see my brothers work can find him on Instagram @ Eazypowercoating or @statenislandpowdercoating


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I lost my sunglasses on my bus ride to work 3 weeks ago and put in a claim with the MTA's lost and found but never got a word back. I've had them for the better part of 3yrs and loved them. My wife knew I was pretty bummed about losing them. So she took it upon herself to get me a fresh new pair.20210517_214340.jpg
Worth every penny she spent. Lifetime warranty.




This is the second set I ordered, not the first one from a month ago from the US, which is still somewhere between Rochester and Quebec.

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