What came in your mail today?


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Got back home and my flashed PCM for the Sierra was awaiting me. :salivate:

Will be a few days before I fire it up, as I'm back to finishing up the suspension / other work I was in the middle of before I left town. Those parts came in just before I left last week.
New C.Vs for the truck.


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New Motorola G6 phone, haven't bought a phone is 4 years. Figured it was about time I get something up to date and up to par with everything else out.


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Went to the UPS office and picked up the O-ring for the Sierra (that was supposed to have arrived *before* I left for PA last Friday). And I have the K-M tool for the bearing adjuster in hand ($8 !) -- so in the morning, it's on with the grubbies and back under the truck...LOL
With a mirror but then we would see your ugly mug :biggrin:

At least give us some details like the make and model?
LOL, I have just been busy and had a bit of a run around on the delivery of it.

2018-09-27 16.24.59.jpg 2018-09-27 16.25.04.jpg


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New poly bump stops
Just arrived 10 minutes ago . Seal for my transfer case.

First time I ever received a delivery on a Sunday although I ordered this on the 24th and just regular Prime shipping. I have a feeling that the warehouse didn't have it in stock and had to order it in before shipping it out yesterday.

And now I'm getting a file too big error trying to attach a pic. First time since the last server upgrade. :mad:

Edit: Had to use my old "resize and email to myself to post using the computer trick"
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Wow. 2 day Prime shipping is truly 2 days. Ordered on Saturday, just arrived now. Will be good on those long night shifts.

And this just came in fresh off the boat from China for the Caprice. What's nice is no hole. Just replace the license plate light and run the wire.

Got the Waterpik on sale, which was perfect timing as my dentist recommended this, along with a temp probe for the BBQ/smoker and a cool and cheap little oscilloscope. IMG_20181010_094625_resized-898130196.jpg


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GE Night Breaker bulbs for the lows. Going back to incandescent from LED's. But I might also get the Night Hawks to try.
It's basically a brake lock for motorcycles. Got it fot my sled because the parking brake is brokeb and will provide a way to use the main brake as such. Will also provide extra security too. For whatever reason, they included these stickers. Yeah, I'll slap those on :tongue:

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