What are you doing today?


Since the weather was nice, decided to fire up the mower and cut down some weeds. Got started and things sounded funny, glance to my right, and I see clippings flying up when they shoulda been going into the bagger. Hop off for a closer look, the bottom bagger tube isn't connected to the cutting deck, it's just kinda flopping there. :Banghead:

On closer inspection, one of the rubber retainers is split, and lost the metal spring clip that it holds. The plastic loop that's supposed to latch onto the cutting deck is also broken. WTF? So apparently I must have hit something (thinking when I backed it into the shed, probably clipped the doorway) last fall when I made my last cut of the year, and didn't notice. So had to let it blow the cuttings all over the lawn, which means I probably spread a ton of weed seeds as well. Lovely. :rolleyes:



Ordered some replacement parts for my mower, so I'll be ready to roll the next time the weeds need to be dealt with. Did some cleaning around the house, in prep for pulling a bunch of stuff out of my office for reorganization. Installed my phone charger mounted in the truck where I want it.

Got a call from @jimmyjam to meet up for a late lunch and watch some UFC, so will be heading out for that in a bit. Gives me a chance to test out the charger, so good timing there. May go visit with a friend from out of town that's passing through, will have to wait and see if I get a text or not.


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Work thing.. Training another new owner operator. Got one every day this week.


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Got the front diff gear oil changed out in the diesel. 67,xxxkm on the clock. It was early as I doubt I even have 500km with the 4wd engaged. Little wear material on the fill plug and the fluid looked good. Oh well, 30 minutes with some oil I have had laying around for a few years.

Inspected the Tb and see its time for a new air filter.

Kids groomed some horses and helped me chisel the walk so it would melt.


Relaxing on the couch at the moment. Slow boring day in the office, with drizzly weather was kinda miserable. Sister rented one of those HD cargo vans to come take stuff out of my house today. She got a lot more out of here than expected. I can finally look out the front window in the dining room, from my couch. She should have everything out of here by the weekend. :biggrin:

Decided to pull the trigger on getting solar panels for the house. Had the salesman come by after work to sign paperwork. Thanks to some rebates, the final price came down a few grand which is nice. Hopefully I got enough good karma built up from bailing my sister out for the past year, that Murphy's law doesn't come sniffin around here!


in the cube village and wishing it was Friday to head to the Sunshine state. Gonna be one interesting trip with my 4 kids, MIL's 3 foster kids, The wife's mom/dad/sister/grandma all in one condo, but has to be better than work.

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