Vehicle Usefulness hauling/towing/grocery getting ect.

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Vehicle Usefulness hauling/towing/grocery getting ect.

Rate and list the big stuff you’ve thought naw too big but did any way.

So far I’ve towed a 2900LB boat + 600LB trailer. One way tripe are 220miles

Hauled 16’ 4x4

5 five gallon buckets of crused rock for my back yard drive/park.

Now I have a boat in the trunk. I’ve always wanted a boat in the bag this is a lot more.kindof like a big wide surfboard surrounded w/ air chambers very heavey duty rubber.

I intend to fab a cross brace on the lugguage rack w/ a roller in the middle then transport the 8’ inflatable rib on the roof Aussie style .yes it’s a bit heavey at 68LBs but I am used to Putting a 200LB 28’ fiberglass extension ladders on roofs of work vans.

w/ the ladders it was like straight press up then down into rack.

Loading the vessel will be roll into position lean hull onto the roller lift rear of hull basically tilt and press her on.

First off I need to patch a ½ hole in the front chamber. The 2 rear chambers are fine, Then a few coats of latex paint to help protect the rubber.

What do you Guy’s think



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Rented a 2 yard dump trailer to get a few loads of stone and fill dirt while working on a shed project. When I got there to pickup the trailer, it was broke, so I took the only alternative, a super heavy 4 yard tandem axle dump trailer with high sides. I hauled one load with 2 yards of stone in it. The TB did it but under protest, so the rest of the loads I ran 1 yard at a time. I push the TB pretty hard occasionally, but that was the only time I was legitimately concerned I was going to break something.


Mine was not real happy with a 7x12 tandem dump filled with dirt for a few miles. Our trailer was basically filled to top of sides. I would not have done it far or often.



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Back in 2012 I bought a front load washer and dryer, a electric stove, Dishwasher, Over The Range Microwave. I brought them all home in 1 trip.

Many times hauling my ATV or Snowmobile.

Hauled a 6000lb tracked Skidster, and its 1500 lbs trailer. (overloaded my GMT, short haul, low speed, replaced the brakes when I was done, they were clearly smoked!)

3000 lbs of bricks

1/2 cord of wood

and the most precious cargo, my wife and son!

I love my XUV. Most reliable truck, most versatile truck, I have ever owned. Grocery getter when you need it, and a light duty work truck when you need it. No matter what I throw at her, she is always ready for more.

Mine was not real happy with a 7x12 tandem dump filled with dirt for a few miles. Our trailer was basically filled to top of sides. I would not have done it far or often.

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Do I spy a Triumph TR7?
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That is a 76 TR6. One of 7 or 8 we have in various states of function. Also have a TR8 which is the wedge shape with the V8 in a 2500lb car that is a solid driver.


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I hauled over 700 lbs of old scrap metal INSIDE mine a few years back. Back row and middle row of seats were down. That trip was when I learned how much she really weighed. Weiner dog? Pot bellied pig is more like it! Me, the truck, and a quarter tank of gas was right at 5,300 lbs on the final weigh on the way out.

She rode pretty darn nice, though!

Just recently pulled my 4,600 lb boat/trailer combo home on a trip of about 100 miles. Easy work for the V8 and 3.73s.

Like @TollKeeper said above, these are pretty versatile trucks. I don't want to think of replacing mine as it does everything I need it to except pass a gas station. She is starting to show her age though. 205K miles, smoking on startup about every other time, some lifter tap when cold - more than in the past, rust underneath, rusty doors and lift gate. But damn it, she still looks good and does what I need.
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What C-ya said. Not a heavy duty truck but very versatile for what I do.
Hauled a 4000 lb. boat and trailer several hundred miles several times, moved the smaller stuff from 2 houses when we changed addresses, LOTS of construction stuff (sheet rock, lumber, cement blocks, etc.
I'm really gonna miss this thing when it finally dies.

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