Pics from the Eyes of the Driver


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Meant to post this morning, from my commute to work. Yes, that's a lawnmower, with a bungee cord going from the side of the handle to the liftgate support strut. :hopeless: Needless to say, as soon as we cleared the intersection, I got out from behind him as soon as possible.

Stopped by Home Depot on the way home from work, and noticed a car parked in the next row over that didn't look quite right. All of the handicapped spots are staggered due to the curbs at the front of the row, but the regular spots all line up. For whatever reason this person (who has a handicapped placard) decided to park across 2 non handicapped spots. :mad: When I parked there, the only handicapped spot that was occupied was the one to the right of this pic. The other half dozen spots were open... :confused: You figure it out...

A couple of goodies courtesy of JimmyJam. He's sent me pics of this Voy before, much clearer view of the Trailvoy badging this time. Need some help from some of the Midwest OGs still on the site, anyone know which (former) member owns this truck? He said a woman was driving it. :undecided:


For this one, if you look closely at the dent in the bumper, you can see a Dodge emblem that got left behind :rotfl:



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2 Trailblazer in 1 driveway, my kind of people. I should stop by and drop off a decal and some info about the site and myself. Would be nice to of seen someone by the trucks I would of liked to talk to them. 20180921_100858.jpg


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Hey X to the 25th,
So it's Sunday, more than 48 hours later than your post so how big a tray of cookies you drop off to your new unknown friends? Breaks the ice easily if you bring some food with you :smile:
On the ad billboard wall next to the chip truck I went to today. I think I may have seen this TB once.


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North face edition ext. if this were a couple months ago I would be drooling over those lights. Lol


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