What do you think when you read thread titles??


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Since we all knew it was going to happen....I'll start off

Clucking is driving me nuts

:biggrin:Well then, you shouldn't have put the damned Chicken in your truck!!:raspberry:
smitty5150 said:
Thread title stolen from other site:

"How to regain control of a roll"

Smack the idiots hand and take your damn roll back -or- lick it.
Don't get high on your own supply


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Racks - Lets See em

OK girls, you heard the man. Lets see those Racks.... :2thumbsup::inlove:


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DucatiSS said:
Racks - Lets See em
I thought we already had a hunting thread.
DucatiSS said:
Racks - Lets See em

OK girls, you heard the man. Lets see those Racks.... :2thumbsup::inlove:
Thought of this as I typed it.


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[h=2]Rear back up sensors - HOW TO INSTALL[/h]

Is there such a thing as a front back-up sensor? :wink:


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Education and Advice on Plus Sizing Please

Just ask this girl. She knows all about Plus sizing... :googlyeyes::salivate::crackup:



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Anyone want to go to Hell this summer?

No thanks, I've already been married twice. :hissyfit::rotfl:


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Overcharging alternator

So, the other day my alternator came up to me and asked me to go to lunch with him. I said, "Are you sure?" he said, "Yes, I am positive" LOL

When the bill came he insisted on paying. The waitress put down the check and he took one look at it and squealed for her to come back.
He said, " What is this? $16 each for Hamburgers; that's a bit steep don't you think????

Her reply,




She said, " I thought all of you alternators are used to getting overcharged ! )

She almost got a belt to the behind. LOL



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Time for new Mods!

What? I thought the staff here was doing a pretty decent job.

(credit to DucatiSS for the pic) :thumbsup:
"Noise coming from rear when in reverse"

The person you ran over is stuck under the vehicle
Front end looks saggy?

And under NO circumstances, do you ever tell her that!! :nono: :lipsrsealed:
Mooseman said:
Free belt wear app
so you can really look swag with your belt

Denali n DOO

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You guys n gals are too much :rotfl: ! I just read this Thread for the first time, i think i spat my Beer out 4-5 times with laughter:rotfl::rotfl:!!

Hope to see more here...

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