What did you park beside? (or parked beside you!)



Lot of empty spots around me today


That Bravada is one of the last set made, Final 500. I LOVED my Bravada, probably one of my favorite vehicles.


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Stopped by the Chevrolet dealer in town to see if the service center was open on saturdays. Nope. Guess i will have to make an appointment to get my steering wheel centered. 3" lift and level vs Stock.


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Saw this a couple weeks ago, I was driving along and did a double take when I saw this '69 Camaro RS/SS Z11 Pace Car. I had to do a U turn and park beside it to get a look. Turns out the flatbed broke down. It looks like a '69 Z11 Pace Car. It's definitely not 1 of 3 396 festival cars, and I doubt it's a true 396 Z11 car otherwise it would be inside a car hauler. I'll bet it's a clone 396 Z11. It was hard to see a lot from the ground but I know if that were my car it wouldn't be chained down to that flatbed the way it is. Here's a link to some pace car history if you are interested.


20160622_150237.jpg 20160622_150223.jpg

Here's a Z11 350 I saw couple years ago.20140606_105231.jpg

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Probably the rarest I've parked beside, actually I got to park it beside my GMT.

A 1956 Ford Fairlane, Crown Victoria, Sunliner with the Continental Kit. My research says only 603 were made and only 71 survive. I love the glass roof and the chrome Crown Victoria molding on the roof and even on the inside. Hard to see but dual exhaust exits through the bumper. I'm not sure about the red paint on the roof molding and side molding near the back, all other ones I saw pics of had black paint there. Nice car!
20160716_123600.jpg 20160716_123349.jpg 20160716_123416.jpg 20160716_123503.jpg 20160716_123522.jpg 20160716_123530.jpg 20160716_123536.jpg 20160716_123431.jpg 20160716_123440.jpg


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DOO: So pretty.....why can't the car makers of today offer colorful interiors like that? instead we get to chose from black,gray and tan :woohoo:Mike.

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