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Jul 22, 2015
Going to nut on this some more. Two options: explore Plan B (applied thru the throttle body with the engine idling) with the foam or buy the liquid and figure out how to apply into the cylinders.

As always, comments welcome.

Either valve covers off or intake manifold off, with some clockwise turnage of the crank bolt (so, belts off as well) to ensure either intake and/or exhaust is at least somewhat open, per cylinder. Then spray. If you can get each cylinder at least a little bit away from TDC, it will help with application. You may want to let a little 'soakage' occur with one cylinder before moving the crank for the next (so, this could run several hours to go through all 8). Use the liquid. Turn the crank about 90" at a time.

Bonus for the intake manifold is that you can throw a new gasket on, and say you were 'proactive' against it wearing out and messing up your trims. I think you'll have better luck with the intake off, going through the cathedral ports.

If you take both the valve covers and the intake off, you'll be able to see when the valves are opening, and have the ease of pouring through the intake port that way.

Or... fill the cathedral port with the recommended amount per cylinder, and for those ports without an open valve, turn the crank a bit until you see the fluid start draining thru the intake port for that cylinder.

No, I haven't done these procedures.


May 23, 2021
Tempe, AZ
Parts for the valve seal replacement job from RA; well, most of them anyway. One minor problem, however, got all 8 intake valve seals but only 1 exhaust valve seal (was supposed to have been a complete kit of 8). As if that was not frustrating enough, the weather was so nice this morning (10-15deg F below normal) I decided to get a jump on the project by doing all the preliminary work so that when the parts arrived I could dive right in: removed fan to access crank bolt; removed coil packs to access valve covers, & removed valve covers to access valve springs/seals. Bummer!!


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