What came in your mail today?


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Green Filter
Dorman retaining clips for grill
Beard Oil
Yesterday, a pair of navy blue cargo pants for work and a couple of days ago, a Contigo insulated tumbler.


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Finally finished putting together the shell of the Ikea closet I got the same day I picked up the hardwood flooring I posted earlier. Remember to excuse the paint colors on the walls, this space was previously a teenage girls room and i'm waiting till I finish the construction to repaint. Thats my old dresser to the right for scale (it's not even a quarter the size of this thing)


It was like Christmas today!

DSC_0461.JPG DSC_0456.JPG DSC_0457.JPG DSC_0460.JPG
My son razzed me for buying some unknown brand speakers. I wanted components for the fronts and anything name brand was just too expensive for me. Anything is better than the el-cheapo stock speakers, including the dead rear ones.
Got my new 2TB SSHD from Seagate. My laptop is a bit dated, and I never upgraded anything in it, so it's been a slow dog the last year or so. Time to replace the old 750GB drive. It could use a clean Windows install anyway... :rolleyes:



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4 port HDMI switch. Having a fire stick, new nintendo switch, xbox 1,PlayStation, cable box and my surround sound. My 4 port samsung smart t.v wasn't enough so I got this here dohikey. 20170505_151716.jpg


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IMG_20170506_182158.jpg New black-zinc slotted only rotors and some no name pads that they came with
20" Nilight light bar and wiring harness and a MicTuning license plate mounting bracket. Amazon suggests getting them as a package, but the light bar mounts are further out than the factory drilled holes, so you have to drill your own to fit.

IMG_20170507_195627.jpg IMG_20170507_195641.jpg


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Got a few things from gmpartdirect.com for the Voy. The bumper got pulled by the city snow plow back in January and few things got broken off. So I went under and made a list of what I needed. $60 later and know after putting all this stuff on the @#$%^* bumper is cracked in the middle not very noticeable but I know it's there so I'll be ordering another one soon. FML
Got a set of blue SATA cables, and some hurricane brackets for my air conditioning unit, since it's free standing on the concrete slab :nono:



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Small brake bleeder with an in-line check valve.


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TV stand and a tube style freestanding closet hanging system after the master bedroom built in closet hanging racks broke their mounts a second time under normal load.
Pair of fog projectors. They have halogen H3 bulbs in them, but the interesting part is they have an insert for them which is removable, and the projector is set up to accept a 9006 HID bulb and even came with the appropriate rubber dust boot for it. So, if the halogen bulbs suck (which they probably will) a 3000k HID retrofit is easy peasy.

Only cost 36 bucks.

They are for an attempt at a project on the truck, if they don't work for that they'll then go on the Camaro as that car's factory projector fogs are the most utterly useless excuses for fog lights on this planet lol.