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This isn't a big deal and sorry if i missed it (I'm working in a flu induced fog) but the color of my Canyon (Red Quartz Tintcoat) isn't on the list. Its the same as my '03 Envoy, Magnetic Red Metallic.

It is just a little heavy on CPU. Adds a lot of typing lag. At least on this PC I'm on...
No, my PC at work here is a AMD Athlon II X4 640 3GHz quad core. Old, but works fine. No other sites lag, and this one didn't either until the snow effect :confused:
The typing did get a little laggy on the desktop where it wasn't at all before. Although I also like the snow, it's not worth it if it affects some users.
Old reliable Acer laptop, AMD Athlon II 2.10GHz, 4GB, Win7
Even on my i7 at home it does lag a little bit as it causes the web browser to max out a CPU core.


Just coming to the site with the snow going increases my CPU usage up 21%. and the memory usage goes up about 11%. I am on a i7 with 16GB of RAM


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Am I the only one who's computer it doesn't affect? lol
Perhaps have an option somewhere to activate/deactivate effects?
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Yeah, cool feature I've seen before but another site that tried it years ago turned them off for the same reason.

You wouldn't think it would be so CPU heavy, but it is.
All I have to do to see snowflakes is look outside, no CPU usage at all :cool:

On another note, I can't find the option to access previously uploaded files and images when posting or replying. Used to be a separate button and would pop up a window with all your uploads.


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You wouldn't think it would be so CPU heavy, but it is.
Ya,.. I would think any kind of live/video feed would be heavy on cpu . Is there a way to disable it ?
I'll settle this once and for all. Imma pull out the beast. If this can't handle snowflakes nothing can. 1515083139501964627054.jpg
I had one of those. Heavy and slow, but dude for a laptop those ported JBL speakers were pretty darn good.

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