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    • Chickenhawk
      Is it possible a previous owner replaced a fuse with a circuit breaker because they kept burning out fuses so often? Generally, before one replaces the fuse box, you should trace the wiring to the...
    • Chickenhawk
      It also sounds suspiciously like an ignition switch installed incorrectly.
    • Chickenhawk
      Just finished my water pump today, and learned some interesting lessons. It was a 45-minute job ... that took me two days actually. (Not too bad for me.) Subtract going to Home Depot for chain, a...
    • Chickenhawk
      Chickenhawk replied to the thread Rear defogger has me stumped.
      You really need to slowly examine every grid line with a strong magnifying glass or a phone with a magnifier app.
    • Chickenhawk
      BlueDriver does pull ABS codes. Plus, even if erased, it still holds ABS codes in history. You should still be able to read them and let us know. The most common problem with multiple codes is the...
    • Chickenhawk
      It is always best to start with the most common (and easiest to fix) problem and work from there. Once we eliminate those, then we can zero on other possible causes. PCMs rarely fail. By far, the...
    • Chickenhawk
      If it stalls almost immediately after coming to a stop, one problem that can cause this is the torque converter clutch not releasing. It might be at the TCC solenoid, solenoid wiring or the TCC...
    • Chickenhawk
      Chickenhawk replied to the thread Firearms.
      Interesting. If the serial number begins with "MP" it is a rare rifle sold only to RCMP members at the time. If it begins with "RCMP," it was one sold to the general public. There were about...
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