Trailblazer SS brakes on GMC Envoy

Caliper brackets on the EXT, 5.3 and SS are larger than those for the 4.2 SWB.

Edit: You could also look into the SSBC big brake kits, a little more affordable, but only 4 pistons in the front. Still 4 in the rear, and 14" rotors as well. Unless you're gonna be racing, those 2 extra pistons probably won't make THAT much of a difference.
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It appears the kit I'm looking at comes with the caliper brackets to upgrade for the SS. Does this look right? If it does do u think they will work?
I missed those the first time I looked. You've still got those 22"s right? If so, then I think they should work. Only other concern might be the brake lines. I know there have been stainless steel line kits for the SS guys, but there haven't been any (good) ones for the 4.2s, and from what I understand, they aren't interchangeable.


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Yeah I still have the 24s on the truck. I am working out a sponsorship with Baer and I just wanted to make sure I could make this stuff work (seems like if its just brake lines I could). Worst case I could have some lines made locally for what I need I think?
I remember another member that tried to install braided lines from a late model to an early model and were too short. Since you can get some lines custom made, this shouldn't be an issue.
The fittings on lines are funky, but there is a place in IN that makes em for the 4.2. I think maybe another vendor as well.

Take a look on the offroad site and you will likely find links for them.

You don't "need" to change the brakelines to swap to the SS stuff. I was going to but ran out of money when doing the brake upgrade so waited and really am yet to find a need; even with the 80-100 lbs of tire and wheel at each corner of the truck.


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I guess I technically worded this thread wrong lol. I'm going from stock 4.2 stuff to the vette ss conversion stuff so in reality I guess it being ss related is not really accurate.
I only see mention of brackets for the rear kit. You may need them for the front still.

I can change title to Vette Brake conversion for 4.2 or something like that
I guess I technically worded this thread wrong lol. I'm going from stock 4.2 stuff to the vette ss conversion stuff so in reality I guess it being ss related is not really accurate.

OHHH, yeah I was following that thread on SSOwners with great interest, especially after the front brackets were completed and up for sale. Then I looked at the prices of the Z06 calipers online and :wowfaint: lol


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I thought I saw mention of front and rear brackets, I'd assume there is no way the factory front brackets would accommodate 6 piston calipers but I could be wrong.
The link you posted was for the front set only, and there appear to be brackets in the pic. The guy on SSOwners had front and rear bracket adapters made (and rotors for our bolt pattern), but then you still have to buy the calipers, pads too.

If you end up getting a set of stainless steel brake lines made, let me know what they want for them. If it's a good price, I'll make the drive over for a mini meet to pick up a set. :thumbsup:


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Ok buddy I'll let you know. Lets see how this sponsorship goes and see what they want to offer me. Worse case I'll be going for SSBC next. I'll never EVER need the benefits from a 6 piston caliper but they sure do look good behind the wheel lol.
I wanted to pull the trigger on the SSBC setup a few years ago, only thing stopping me was that I'd need to buy rims too to clear the calipers. Now if a set of spacers would make it work, at least that would buy some time before buying fresh wheels.

But yeah, would never need 6 piston power, that's just overkill, but I think 4 would be nice for some added stopping power.


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I'm confused, it says 2006-2009 also fits GMC Envoy. What did they change from the earlier models that does not allow them to fit an 03?
They didn't change anything, many (read most) aftermarket vendors don't know everything they should about our platform. :twocents:
Early years had aluminum calipers, later years are cast iron. I do believe there was a change in flexible lines as well with them.