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Driver miraculously survives logs through windshield
(me How?)

COHUTTA, Ga. (ABC NEWS) -- A driver was safely pulled from their vehicle after a large amount of lumber came flying into the car's windshield.
Whitfield County Fire shared photos on Facebook of the piles of wood that slammed through the length of an SUV off of a logging truck on Cleveland Highway in Cohutta, Georgia.


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Smilin’ Jack, Wilmington’s huge pumpkin-shaped oil tank

One of Los Angeles’s oddest (and most stereotypically LA) Halloween traditions turns 67 years old this year.

On October 30 and October 31, staff at the Phillips 66 oil refinery in Wilmington will illuminate the face of Smilin’ Jack—an enormous jack-o’-lantern painted on the side of an 80,000-barrel storage tank each year since 1952.

The tradition began, reported the Los Angeles Times in 1955, when a coat of lead primer was applied to Tank 304 at what was then a facility operated by Union Oil. The paint job gave the 3.3-million gallon tank a distinctly pumpkin-like appearance, and the operators of the refinery decided to take advantage of the situation, creating the “world’s biggest jack-o’-lantern.”

As the Times described at the time, Smilin’ Jack’s grin is 73 feet long, while his eyes stand 18 feet tall. And, if you’re curious, should the oil inside the tank be replaced with traditional pumpkin innards, you’d have enough for nearly 27 million pies.
The Union Oil pumpkin in 1952. USC Digital Library
The popular display located at 1660 West Anaheim Street is back this year, and on October 30 and 31, monsters and other Halloween characters will be on hand to direct drivers and pass out caramel corn to visiting families.


The camper can't be included at that price!

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‘Magical unicorn puppy’: 10-week-old golden retriever ‘puppercorn’ born with tail on forehead

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A 10-week-old golden retriever was born with a tail on his forehead, garnering adoration on social media and a fitting nickname: “puppercorn.”

Over the weekend, the puppy was found after being abandoned, said Rochelle Steffen, from Mac’s Mission in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who is fostering the “puppercorn” named Narwhal.



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Thanksgiving Eve...
'Do you smell turkey?' Gator shows up on Florida family's front porch night before Thanksgiving

'Do you smell turkey?' Alligator shows up on Florida family's front porch night before Thanksgiving

FORT MYERS, Fla. (WBBH/CNN) - Wildlife officials captured a 9-foot alligator that crawled up on a Florida family’s front porch the night before Thanksgiving and lashed out at the door.
Chhaya Beharry was startled Wednesday night by loud bangs coming from outside her front door in Fort Myers, Florida. She looked through the window to find a nearly 9-foot-long alligator on the porch.
“There's a gigantic alligator, and his tail was just smacking my door,” Beharry said. "He was hissing and swinging his tail around. It was intense."
Neighbors had alerted the family about the reptile’s presence over Facebook. Beharry’s fiancé, Chris Mays, called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who arrived within 20 minutes to remove the alligator.
"I'm like, ‘Why my house? Do you smell turkey?’" Beharry said.




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What is the LAST THING someone should expect to find in a BABY BOUNCER gift (that was picked up at Goodwill?

Florida couple buys baby bouncer at Goodwill,
finds semi-automatic rifle inside.

CRESTVIEW, Fla. - A Florida couple shopping for a baby shower gift thought they got a great deal when they found a baby bouncer for only $10 at Goodwill. What they didn't expect was to find a semi-automatic rifle inside.

Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez said she was attending a baby shower on Sunday, so she stopped by the Goodwill in Valparaiso to pick up a gift. That's where she found a Baby Einstein baby bouncer in an unopened box that appeared to be new. For only $9.99, it was quite a bargain.

Alvarez-Rodriguez took the gift to the baby shower where the father-to-be opened the box and said "You guys got me a gun," the Palm Beach Post reported.
Turns out, the baby bouncer box contained a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle. Although the gun wasn't loaded and the chamber was locked, Alvarez-Rodriguez said the magazine inside the box was loaded.

Alvarez-Rodriguez posted photos of the unexpected gift to Facebook.
"When you go to the Goodwill for a baby shower gift thinking you got a good deal on a bouncer ($10) not even opened and you end up opening a 🔫MOSSBERG 715T Semi-Auto Rifle," she wrote.

"Total shock for us," she told FOX 35 News. "But also hilarious and just glad it came into safe hands with all of our husbands being military."

Crestview police were called and an officer told them they could keep the gun after checking their IDs. On Monday, however, police requested they turn over the rifle while the incident is being investigated.



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Firefighters rescue dog that chased cat up tree, got stuck
LATHROP, Calif. – It’s a common trope for firefighters to rescue cats from trees, but you rarely hear of dogs getting into that kind of sticky situation.
However, that was the case for a German Shepard in Northern California on Saturday.
The Lathrop Manteca Fire District says the pup chased a cat up a tree and then found itself stuck in the high branches.
Luckily, firefighters with the department’s Engine 35 were called to the scene and managed to rescue the dog.
Once on solid ground, the crews provided oxygen and water to the adventurous pup.
“Glad to hear that all turned out well for this pooch, and we are all pretty sure he’ll think twice about chasing cats up the next tree...nice work Engine 35!” wrote the fire department.



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kind hearted folks:
More than a dozen volunteers form relay, travel 2,000 miles to return stolen dog to family
More than a dozen volunteers formed a relay team of drivers, traveling 2,000 miles, to return a stolen dog named Zeus from West Virginia to his family in Montana. (Photo: Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association)
Zeus’ microchip revealed that his family was in Montana.

Since many commercial airlines have banned pit bulls from flying, the organization Many Paws Volunteer Transport assembled a relay team of drivers to transport Zeus back to his family, the station reported.
The volunteer effort involved 15 drivers across nine states and over four days, according to the report.


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Vermont town's radar speed signs tell drivers if they're 'Naughty' or 'Nice'
Police in the small Vermont town of Chester are helping drivers get into the holiday spirit and saving lives by getting drivers to slow down, according to a report.

The local police department posted on Facebook photos of illuminated signs on Route 103 -- in red if motorists are “NAUGHTY” for driving faster than the posted 30-mile-per-hour speed limit, or in green if they're “NICE” for traveling below that level, the Boston Globe reported.

“We received a request direct from the North Pole to remind everyone that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice, and to make sure to have a safe and happy holiday season!” police wrote on Facebook.




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This year doesn't seem to begin well for this fellow:

Sign impales Corvette on I-95 in Broward County

Posted: 8:13 AM, Jan 01, 2020

A multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 95 in Broward County on Tuesday sent one driver to the hospital after a Corvette was impaled by a street sign.
Investigators say the sign was somehow sitting on the side of interstate near Hallandale Beach.
A car hit the sign and sent it airborne into the back windshield of a white Corvette.
The driver of the Corvette said he thought someone had read-ended him.
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