Reality thread...continued.


Dec 21, 2022
So many jobs out there and so many people that do not want to work and we want to work. Something is haywire here.


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
With the current melt going on, it's getting harder and harder to keep the faith of the sport I love. The weather isn't cooperating, my body isn't cooperating, the sled sometimes doesn't cooperate, it's getting more expensive, idiots who don't follow the rules get trails closed and we're left with a bunch of road runs. It's getting tiring to keep seeing red on the map and saying "it'll be better next year" when it isn't. My son is also seriously considering selling his sled. My wife can't ride anymore since her sledding accident a few years ago and it's sometimes difficult to find riding partners so I wind up riding alone. Trailering and doing the hotel thing has become very expensive even if I could find someone to go.

It's the ONLY thing I used to look forward to every year and now I just have this sense of dread before each season. This season started late and is finishing early after barely 3 weeks. It's an expensive sport but I love it to death and is the only thing that gets me outside during winter. Even in the more northern regions they are having a hard time.

Then of course I have this fear that if I sell my sled, it will be the year of epic snow and will regret my decision. However, selling the sled, trailer and suit, I could probably clear most of my debts.

Sorry for laying this out here. Just need to contemplate my future in snowmobiling.


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Oct 22, 2015
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Man... That situation SUCKS... But...if it is any consolation... Check Out these THREE Motorized Seasonal Activities (Western New York Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley Areas) that Andrew Camarata manages to indulge in that don't take him too far from the Basics of "Fuel It UP, Lube It UP, Crank It UP...and then sit on it and GO" as the Basic Principal behind his Three Major Motorized Action Hobbies:


Spring... (and later... Fall)


Plus... Whenever They Break (and Everything that Burns Gasoline and Oil eventually DOES... He gets the Pleasure of FIXING them all because he also has "The Chops" to do so...
Andrew endured a "Low Snow" Season, too and opted to Visit The State of Montana to try out Snowmobiling there:

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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Well, the situation has since turned. We have received some snow and cold and the trails have reopened, albeit in limited status. We were at the cottage this weekend and there was tons of snow there. Lake running was fun and we also went into the back woods however realized my Yamaton is no lightweight and not for off-trail trekking. Besides, the market is absolutely flooded with sleds for sale so I'd be having a hard time selling or getting lowballed. So I'll ride this week.

Oh, and I ripped off the front bumper, which makes it unsellable, which involved a tree, chain saws, cables, chains and my son's sled. I'll leave it at that.

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