Reality thread...continued.

It can be worked into the cracks better than the tape. I've read about putting the tape on, then mastic over that to seal it up real good.
There are no cracks after the tape.... makes an airtight seal, so why both?
<shrug> don't know.
I figured they did same thing, but tape is cleaner. I can see where the mastic may be easier to use in tight spaces or odd shaped connections.
djthumper said:
I have heard the other way around. You put mastic into the seams and then tape over it...
Would make more sense since the mastic would fill in and possibly make a smoother flow through joints in the ducts, but I would imagine the difference is minimal vs just taping them.


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Well one problem with tape is the glue will let loose after a few years.. The ends of main runs where they cap and crimp is the worst. They leaked like crazy in the corners.. I just painted over what they did have taped up, which wasn't much..
I'm thinking mastic on the rectangular to round connections since trying to seal that with tape is a nightmare, then maybe the tape on the easy stuff like I've done in a few spots already. We'll see. Either way, it needs sealed as there are plenty of leaks lol.

Good news! The AC guy just left and I now have AC blowing in the house!
All this house talk had me poking around on again. My saved properties list was in need of some updating sine many places were taken off the market for one reason or another. Current house I'm renting was finally taken off the market, like they told me they would back in April. Took them long enough...

The place I was renting last year sold for the asking price of $80K. Handful of people that came to visit me while I lived there kept asking why I didn't buy it, since it was huge, close enough to work and in a good neighborhood. The $400+ monthly HOA fee, and way-too-narrow car port were big issues for me.

Current place is decent, but small at only 1000 sq ft. They are asking $100K for it, and there's a monthly HOA fee of $250 which is more reasonable, but like anyone else that's looked into it since January when it was relisted, I don't think it's worth that much to me. As much stuff that was neglected before they rented it to me, there's probably a lot more stuff I haven't stumbled upon yet. Having the 1 car garage is awesome, considering the insane amount of rain we've gotten so far this summer, but I definitely need a 2 car garage. There's not enough room to put much else in the garage with the EXT parked in there. :frown:
Ownership is a lot of work as well. Like a part time job. Seems to take 15-30 hours a week for me lately w the bsmt remodel and will continue to with the shop build, but even after the big projects the basics still take time. Yard work, fixed a leaky sink two weeks ago, fixed toilet this week, clock on oven needs attention, garbage disposal had to be fixed a month or so ago, need to clean gutters and trim trees, ceiling in garage needs some screws where it has sagged, paint on trim by garage doors...yada yada. Sometimes i wish i still rented and could just call these things in for fixing.

However no one can tell me not to do something esp cause I made sure to not have a HOA and never will again. i can park in the yard, I can have a fire out back. I can keep a trailer in driveway. I can decide not to mow for 3 months if i really want.
Yeah, the whole permission to do stuff is a sticking point for me. Most of them say no working on your vehicle on the premises... I interpret that as "Don't make a mess while working on my vehicle, so no one calls the HOA on me" Current owner has been pretty cool to me so far, when I find broken stuff, they let me fix it, and they pay for the parts.

Seems to be the case with townhouse communities I've seen, the single family houses around here don't appear to have HOAs, at least in the areas I'm looking. I hate yard work, and would find any excuse to get out of doing it. Ripping up all the grass and putting down a synthetic lawn wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. My dad had that done to their house in Phoenix, and it looked like the real deal. No lawn cutting EVER? I'm about that life :yes: Although rocks and/or mulch would probably work out to be a lot cheaper.

Edit: Or just pave everything and have one monster parking area, that way I could host meets at my house :celebrate:
There has definitely been a lot of time (and money) put into this place but I would not trade it for renting ever again.

Even the concept of HOAs totally ticks me off. HOA = pay somebody to tell you what you can and cannot do and to make your life miserable if they decide they hate you (yeah, I've read a few too many horror stories about them!). I can think of far better things to use that money for, such as improving the house more or vehicle mods!
As much as I did not want an HOA I got a great deal on my house and the HOA is not overboard... It is only $46 quarterly. I am in a cul de sac right near the top of it. My back yard is smaller than I would have liked but I have RV parking on the side of the house and a large drive way.
I have not done anything more with the system yet. Mostly I've been enjoying having working AC :biggrin:

I did get the new thermostat, but I am definitely going to be relocating from the existing position. It is in the kitchen and that isn't a good spot.

I have a few months before I need to worry about heat, so I'm letting the bank account recover some before I go spend a bunch on hooking all that up. When I have some time I'll be sealing up the duct work but surprisingly it doesn't leak as bad as I thought it would. Every little bit will probably help though.
Right on. Houses make funds disappear quick like.
No kidding! Makes me a little dizzy thinking about how much it may take to do everything I need/want for the house.

New windows
New driveway
Redo bathrooms
redo kitchen
redo one bedroom
move laundry to another closet
remove existing laundry closet to make a large doorway into den
redo den into a dining room
remove wallpaper

I think I got a plumber coming tonight to help me hash out the needs for the basement bath. Hoping to knock it out in the next week. I got carpet samples and the guy coming to measure for it today or tomorrow. Really want this basement done so i can do the thing I want SHOP
Uncertainty sure is stressful... My company is looking at some tough times ahead if we don't get any new business in the door, and will have to start letting people go at the end of October if things don't change. Due to the nature of our company and the short term contracts we get, ups and downs are expected, and we've gone through this a number of times in the nearly 7 years I've been here, but my job was always safe until now. :frown:

A few people have left preemptively, and duties have gotten shifted around. Some of them I expected to come my way, but they didn't, and I haven't had much revenue generating work to do in quite some time, so it's been making me nervous. One of the owners just stopped by my cube with one of those "How hard would it be to..." questions. A client may want a database application based on some of their equipment. On the surface the concept is very simple. Then the catch... He said I may have to fly out to the client for a few days. :ugh:

I have a strong dislike for business travel, which I made clear during my hiring interview. My luck has been pretty crappy, and something always goes sideways. Cancelled flights, double booked hotel rooms, lost cell phones, hijacked job advancement opportunities, expense reimbursement screw ups... But if it comes down to securing my job, especially right before the holidays, I'll have to suck it up and deal. It's a wait and see kinda thing, all preliminary talk at the moment and may not gain any traction. Man do I hate waiting! :suicide:
Travel now on their dime. I wish I would have had a job w travel, but there is no way I could with a third kid on the way now. Look at it as a way to get around the country and meet some members of the forum....

but waiting sucks the big one really.
Take the opportunity for the travel so that it may help you out. I have been in your shoes and did not really like it.
I used to get excited by the idea of travelling, since it's something I've done since I was a kid. And who doesn't like to get out of the office for a change of pace? But too many negative experiences ruined it. We'll see what comes down the pipe, hopefully some of the work our marketing people are doing will pay off, we'll land a decent contract or 2, and people's jobs will be safe in addition to mine.

I typically take large chunks of vacation in November and December anyway, would be nice to still get paid for it though. :raspberry: I'm going to visit the parents in Phoenix this year for Thanksgiving. I know we've got like 3 or 4 GMTN members around there (not sure if they are active anymore) but it's gonna be a short trip, so no time for a meet. Only 3 non travel days, and it'll be the first time the family is split up. So that's gonna be a little weird.
What's that drive, like 4-5 hours or something? If I had more free time out there, I'd borrow my dad's LWB Ascender and swing up there. I know one of the days I'm out there will be spent working on it. Stepper motors, a couple of interior lights are out, CEL is on and service brake system message is up. Good times.
A little update on the whole furnace thing.

First time I tried running the heat pump in heat mode it would trip the over pressure switch within a few minutes. It was cold enough again today the guy came out and balanced the pressures (had a little too much refrigerant in there) and now it is working great!

Gas pipes are all run and hooked up for the aux heat. All that's left is the PVC piping which I'm going to get this next week, and get a propane tank. Fingers crossed I don't have any leaks!
Fingers Crossed. Glad it is working out and making all your efforts worthwhile
My dad went to the hospital this morning to have surgery on his leg. He's been dealing with some ulcers near the ankles for almost 2 years now, and most things the doctors have tried didn't work completely, if at all. He's getting some vascular work done, and then a skin graft.

They'll keep him there for 2 weeks to make sure he stays off his feet, monitor for any infections or complications, and make sure the graft took. The plastic surgeon said he's seen this case quite frequently, and that after this procedure, my dad should be pain free (he can't walk very far or stand for very long, or he gets shooting pains, and the sores ooze), make a full recovery, and be able to resume all of his activities again.

So this is especially good news, since I'll be heading out to Phoenix to visit for Thanksgiving for a few days. He loves to golf, and keeps talking about us playing again. I hate spending all day out there, but there's a TopGolf facility in Scottsdale, so I'm sure I can talk him into that. Fun, shaded, can flirt with cute waitresses, and leave after an hour. Perfect! :thumbsup:
Sounds like you got a good plan going right there. Praying for quick and easy healing for him as well!


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Never took the time to write in this thread before, but I feel like I've got a reason to now. Today I officially cleared Ft.Stewart and start my terminal leave tomorrow. I am still in the Army until March 9th, but no longer do I have to go back on post. I am starting a new chapter in my life, a civilian life, and a pursuit of the civilian work force. It's something new to me, as I only know the Army. I joined while I was in High school. I have been separated from my wife for quite a long time now, I have not been able to divorce her since my multiple rotations to Germany got in the way. And I unfortunately am not making as much money as I thought on either the tax return (can't claim my own kids) or the leave days I sold back to the Army. So i'm worried about starting it and paying for attorney fees. Not to mention I have no more guaranteed paychecks after March 1st. So I must find work before then. Because if she hits me with papers before I hit her, i'm screwed. Brandon has been kind enough to let me stay with him and his family until I can get on my feet and established. It's truly a blessing, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. Going back to NY is not something I will do, even though my kids are there. It's not a wise decision considering there's more job options where i'll be staying with Brandon, and eventually living on my own again. I will continue to apply for manufacturing and warehouse jobs up in Newnan and the greater Atlanta Area. I'm trying to stay positive, it's not just me I have to worry about, I have two kids to provide for which I love dearly and miss. And a c*** I HAVE to divorce from.


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Its definitely an interesting and sometimes frustrating change when transitioning from the military to the civilian life. Patience and having people skills will get you far. There are dumbasses and assholes in charge no matter where you go, its all about how you deal with them. I definitely wish you the best of luck.

I take it that you are trying to stay in GA?


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Its definitely an interesting and sometimes frustrating change when transitioning from the military to the civilian life. Patience and having people skills will get you far. There are dumbasses and assholes in charge no matter where you go, its all about how you deal with them. I definitely wish you the best of luck.

I take it that you are trying to stay in GA?
Thanks Dave, yes I'm staying in GA. Even when I move out of Brandon's I plan to reside near Atlanta. A lot of work up in that area and much more to do.


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@Capote you have persevered more than most people, and at an early stage of your life. I wish you luck and I'm sure you'll figure it out. That's awesome of @BlazingTrails to open his doors to you. Need more good people like that in our country, that's for sure. Take care of our own before we take care of everyone else. :yes:
Thanks man, appreciate that. Yeah, he's a real good friend man. Upstanding guy


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I hear you on the divorce, separated now...but once I'm back home, we are through...not airing my dirty laundry here, but definitely through after learning of a very effed up situation. Looking at buying a home in El Paso, still have a couple of good friends there. Plus pretty decent riding weather all year around. I lived at Ft. Bliss for 10 years, currently living south of Ft. Leavenworth. All my stuff is already in storage. Literally. I can't do anything until I redeploy (so there goes all my funds for awhile).

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