GMT Nation Scavenger Hunt!


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SnowBlazer said:

Garden of the Gods. (Yes, I am on the sidewalk [emoji38])
Your GMT with a Fire Truck. [emoji602] [emoji602]
Could of sworn that's been done man


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dmanns67 said:
GMT with a fire truck has already been done. New topic [emoji14]opcorn:
See I knew it! Someone deleted my post saying-so


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As in, what's the next hunt SB? I believe it times out after either 5 or 7 days, can't remember which.


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Mounce said:
As in, what's the next hunt SB? I believe it times out after either 5 or 7 days, can't remember which.
This is the second request for a new topic lol
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Your GMT by road sign
Your GMT in front of a Bank.
Your GMT to a marked LEO vehicle
Your GMT next to a Mexican Restaurant Posted Image
Your GMT with a statue of a horse
Your GMT with a Canadian flag near or on it
Your GMT and it's shadow
Your GMT with the GMT NATION Logo
Your GMT going through your favorite drive-through food place
Your GMT with a punch buggy
Your GMT with a windmill.
Your GMT with another GMT
Your GMT with driving with another gmt in the mirrow
Your GMT With a train
Your GMT with a plane
Your GMT at the car wash.
Your GMT dirty
Your GMT with RR tracks
Your GMT with your favorite beverage
Your GMT with you fav sport
Your GMT with water
Your GMT with a Flag
Your GMT with a campfire
Your GMT with a Police Car, Fire Truck or Ambulance in the background. But not at a Police Station, Firehall or Hospital
Your GMT with a Garbage/recycling truck
Your GMT with a construction vehicle
Your GMT with a No Parking sign
Your GMT outside of your place of employment
Your GMT in a field
Your GMT at a popular hangout
Your GMT with your best friend
Your GMT during or after a wash/wax
Your GMT on a sandy beach
Your GMT with your country's flag
Your GMT with a Major League Baseball stadium
Your GMT with no man made objects in the pic except for the truck
Your GMT next to a fire vehicle
Your GMT with a passenger and the vehicle in motion, inside or out
Your GMT with a train
Your GMT in rain
Your GMT with/pulling a boat
Your GMT with no flora in pic. Pure Urban.
Your GMT in a puddle
Your GMT with an animal with four legs
Your GMT UNDER a tree
Your GMT getting fueled up at the gas station
Your GMT with a muscle car
Your GMT While being worked on, With part(s) obviously removed
Your GMT in the dark, with just the parking lights on
Your GMT next to an aircraft
Your GMT next to a river
Your GMT next to a cabin
Your GMT with a cityscape in the background
Your GMT in front of a hospital
Your GMT with all four wheels in water, mud, or snow. OFF the road
Your GMT in the dark looking sexy
Your GMT flexed out
Your GMT in front of a sports bar
Your GMT with tail/liftgate open and someone else
Your GMT playing in the snow
Your GMT parked straight with plenty of door swinging and bumper space
Your GMT parked in front of an auto parts store (or even a stealership :lipsrsealed:)
Your GMT next to something, anything bigger than your GMT.
Your GMT next to water at sunrise or sunset
Your GMT with something "prettier" than your ride
Your GMT with ur pet
Your GMT with one of the new generation Sierras or Silverados
Your GMT with a Christmas tree
Your GMT with any pre-1980 vehicle
Your GMT with a digital temp reading NOT on the inside the GMT
Your GMT at the local gm dealership
Your GMT ur favorite resturant
Your GMT next to a 2001 or earlier Jeep Cherokee XJ
Your GMT from a front angle
Your GMT covered in a nice layer of salt
Your GMT parked outside without a building in frame
Your GMT a pic of your WHOLE GMT parked in front of your work place!
Your GMT near a rail road crossing
Your GMT Next your GMT with a door open. Not the tailgate
Your GMT in front of a grocery or convenience store
Your GMT at a gas station
Your GMT at a gas station
Your GMT with one of the performance versions ( example with a TBSS or 9-7X Areo)
Your GMT and the sun in the picture together (sunrise or sunset)
Your GMT stuck in snow or mud
Your GMT with a semi/big rig
Your GMT with a vehicle at least 10years older than the GMT
Your GMT with a full size GM SUV
Your GMT in an empty parking lo
Your GMT With an American Flag
Your GMT in a park
Your GMT with a "Welcome to ..." sign
Your GMT with something "wet".
Your GMT next to a Toyota truck
Your GMT and something with a wing.
Your GMT with water of any sort
Your GMT parked at the mall.
Your GMT Make an F350 look bad by getting a pic of your GMT by it
Your GMT outside of a movie theater
Your GMT with 1 wheel removed from the truck
Your GMT at a casino
Your GMT with a motorcycle
Your GMT with a semi truck
Your GMT with grass
Your GMT at a fast food place
Your GMT in the process of being cleaned
Your GMT before and after your mods
Your GMT completely off the ground
Your GMT as dirty as it can be!
Your GMT With A Water Tower.
Your GMT with something not "road legal"
Your GMT with a Gm muscle car or sports car.
Your GMT parked in a handicap spot
Your GMT with another vehicle the same color as your GMT
Your GMT Bird Poop on a/your Gmt
Your GMT with a lawn mower
Your GMT with the letters"L", "E", & "D" in the shot
Your GMT with a 25mph speed limit sign.
Your GMT at sunset...
Your GMT with the current gas price.
Your GMT in the rain.
Your GMT "artsy" type pic of your truck without a roof rack
Your GMT in a parking deck
Your GMT With Your Username Written In The Dirt On The Back Window.
Your GMT with a swimming pool in the background
Your GMT In A Tight Spot
Your GMT with ice on it
Your GMT in tall grass/weeds/anything that grows. Tall enough to be above the bottom of the doors.
Your GMT With A Smoke Bomb
Your GMT next to a barn
Your GMT with the new stingray
Your GMT with at least 16 tires in the photo
Your GMT with a portable storage container. Such as a PODS or COW but not specifically them.
Your GMT with a boat
Your GMT With A Fire Hydrant
Your GMT next to a dumpster
Your GMT Ice cream and GMT in the photo together.
Your GMT next to a cow
Your GMT With An Armored Vehical
Your GMT At A Strip Club
Your GMT with a sign that has a burnt out light
Your GMT with a City Hall building in the background
Your GMT at a campsite with a camp fire
Your GMT antique shop.
Your GMT with a 350z
Your GMT parked in front of a HS/College/NFL football field/stadium
Your GMT with a school. Anything K-Graduate school.
Your GMT and a lawnmower
Your GMT with a playground
Your GMT leaf/leaves on ground
Your GMT With A Historic Landmark
Your GMT At A Pay Phone.
Your GMT with a military or police vehicle
Your GMT with a stock version of itself that is the same color.
Your GMT infront of a movie theater
Your GMT with an exotic sports car
Your GMT with an orange Dodge Challenger.
Your GMT with any SS CHEVY
Your GMT next to something with rims over 22 inches
Your GMT at a motel
Your GMT At Your Local Land Line Phone Company
Your GMT parked in front of your favorite hardware store
Your GMT at the video game store
Your GMT With Halloween Decorations
Your Gmt on a jack or jackstands
Your GMT with your personal tool chest
Your GMT with anything that has to do with NASCAR
Your GMT with anything from your favorite football team
Your GMT parked in front of, or next to a donation point.
Your GMT at the gas pump with the price showing
Your GMT near a popular bar or "adult entertainment" establishment
Your GMT @ the local fire dept
Your GMT covered in snow
Your GMT with a Christmas tree on the roof
Your GMT with a bare tree (no leaves).
Your GMT with Stop Sign or Stop Light
Your GMT with something "white"
Your GMT on a backcountry bridge
Your GMT with a Nissan Maxima 2009-2014
Your GMT At A Place Of Worship
Your GMT At A Railway Station
Your GMT with every light on. Inside and out
Your GMT in front of a wood fence
Your GMT with a rock face as the back drop
a passenger's photo of you behind the wheel of your GMT 360
Your GMT at A donut shop
Your gmt with a live horse in view
Your GMT in front of a million plus dollar house
Your GMT With A Tractor
Your GMT at a drive through bank machine
Your GMT At A Communal Mail Box.
Your GMT with writing(s) on a wall
Your GMT in a reflection
Your GMT Next To A Giant Pile Of Snow
Your GMT parked next to a speed limit sign
Your GMT at a car wash
Your GMT with a ricer


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I got one if Ryan can't figure it out


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Backed in sideways? So park like you...?


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uploadfromtaptalk1443041495672.jpgYour GMT with a bar of soap....


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That's cheating!!!


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BlazingTrails said:
Guys I lost all of my gardening tools in the divorce, pay attention.

[emoji26] your gardening tools too? [emoji26]

BC backroader

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That'll be a tough one, for sure. Mine's a TB EXT, there's a SWB Envoy across the street, and a driveway a block away has a SWB TB and a LWB Envoy, but in the year I've had mine, I've only seen 1 Bravada, 1 Rainier, and 1 XUV, but those were on the freeway, not in town.
I see a lot of different 360s around my town, but to get them in one picture may be impossible. I will keep my eye out for them.

Just to be clear I need a picture of my swb tb with 3 other swb 360s?

• bravado
• rainier
• 97-X
• envoy
• ETC.

This will be difficult indeed.

Sir ffeJ

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I say any 360 SWB or LWB
I've got a couple of SS's and Envoy's. Hmmmmm, tough for sure


The way it is stated only a 360 can be entered anyhow. A LWB is a 370 so that would not qualify... I am thinking a different subject needs to be chosen.

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