GMT Nation Scavenger Hunt!

your GMT at a Kentucky Fried Chicken Store.
The one near my house has a really small parking lot, so I couldn't back up enough to get the whole truck in the shot along with the sign, without standing in the street. :frown:

Next hunt, your GMT as the only vehicle visible in a parking lot that has more than 10 spaces. Advantage early birds and 3rd shift employees. :biggrin:
I really thought those were easy softballs for you guys to hit... No, not softballs, Wiffle balls!! :hopeless:

:undecided: Let me try to think of something else. Any of these 3 are still on the table if someone happens to drive past one.
Thanks for grabbing that one Javier, as a quick tip, when you enter the search bar, an option pops up to 'search this thread only'. Comes in handy for quick checks like that :cool:
I took the pic for this the day it came up, but forgot to post it. Duh!

BTW, that's the back of an EXT, with the 3rd seat removed, so it's a bigger load than most could stuff into a GMT.

I'll come up with the next challenge after I check out what's already been done, so I don't duplicate an old one.


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OK, there have been several in the past with snow as a theme, but none have asked for a shot of your GMT in falling snow. This should be an easy one for a good part of the northern hemispere right now, it's snowing heavily right out my window as I type!

So the challenge is:

Your GMT with visible snow falling around it


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Your rig outside the supermarket (with logo visible)

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