NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.


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Hiya Matt, it sounds like you have a bit of a mess to clean up. Breaking drill bits off in the center of the hole you are intending to use for extraction is no bueno. Those bits of broken drill are hardened, and will quickly dull another drill if you try to re-drill into, or alongside the existing hole.

I have a few suggestions. First is to use a small punch and try to shatter the broken drill into little pieces, clearing out the hole little by little so you can continue. You will probably ruin a punch trying, but if it works, it will be worth the price of a replacement tool.

Another idea is to buy a pack of 10 5/32" drills off Amazon or Ebay. Get Left Handed drills to keep the cost down, and try to drill out the broken bit. You can count on wasting a number of drills, but hopefully you will get a clear bore restarted and will be able to fit an extractor.

For future reference, (sorry I didn't get this info to you earlier) the alignment piece in the extraction tool set I recommend is more than a clever center locating devise. It also is very useful in that it moves the drill stress point up from the drill tip to the place where the drill enters the top of aligning piece. When using the tool I recommend, the drill will break in half if there is a sudden slip, catch or excessive mis-alignment. I had 100% success on the last engine I worked on with 9 bolts needing extraction.

Finally, I commend you for your efforts. I would not consider trying to do head work with the engine in frame. Not this platform anyway!

Cheers Matt, let know how you fare.



Broken head bolts on the back (firewall) side suck. I had the same thing happen to me. I had to get a "holehog" it's a drill at a 90° angle that fits in tight spots. Use a punch to center the bit. I used a regular right hand cobalt bit from Tractor supply and the extractors I used were from Autozone.


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Now THAT is an interesting Idea... and for only $21.00 over on Amazon, this GINODE Tool features a Steel 90 Degree Adapter with a Manual Chuck that might give Matt a little better off-center alignment over that Broken Bolt Shank in that cramped #6 Cylinder area enough to concentrate his Downward Drilling Pressure right into the middle of freshly "center-punched" Spot:


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