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    How many of us here are Baby Boomers?

    1952, and the oldest NASA Social Media journalist credentialed for a SpaceX launch in April.
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    C0055 code

    Tailpiece of the transmission unless you have 4wd, in which case you have two of them on the rear of the transfer case. Be suspicious of the connector or the wiring before concluding it's a bad sensor.
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    so who still uses the old site?

    Hadn't looked in there for a long time. Loverotties is gone. There's a couple of new mods, and one of them at least has been rooting out spammers. Only a member for a few months, his user name is Pau Hana from around Seattle. Only friend is "GM Customer Svc" !!! Har! The other thing Vertical...
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    All electrical inside cabin won't work after jump start

    This picture I've been posting for about NINE years has that warning.
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    What can these things handle?

    Offroad in Florida is different what I think of as offroad in the West. Modified, it can do amazing things.
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    Brake Lights Staying on When Parking/Headlights on

    Flasher module on the firewall above the driver's feet. Combines those signals for use in the trailer connector.
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    searched a lot, still not sure on fitment

    Run some more searches, and you might discover the kenda klevers are CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) tires and there's no long term cleverness in saving too much money on tires when you need them to save your life offroading. You need good tires, good recovery equipment, good tools and spare parts, and...
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    Towing a 3800 lb Boat/Trailer. Z71 Springs worth it?

    You can do both. I put in the airlift compressor and remoted a gauge and switch up front.
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    Hex bit sizes?

    Should never need an excuse to buy tools. Just get the set. Profit!
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    Cruise control pulsing

    It's a poor programming job in the cruise control part of the pcm software. If I could find the goofball who never took a test ride after writing the code, I'd rub their nose in it. Proof that GM fails to listen to customer complaints.
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    P1680 diagnostic

    Second useless bump I've seen from you. Why?
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    Kinda stranded

    Why? :no:
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    rear AC blower won't turn off

    Bad transistor in item #5.
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    2004 - Trailblazer - Proper Alignment - Camber - Caster - Rear Diff

    Any shop should be have access to a DVD or on-line manual set, but here's the summary. The Lower Control Arm bracket is item #13. It's held in by three hardened bolts with the highest torque spec in the vehicle - 185 ft-lbs, I think. Loosen these three.They are item #40, but only one is showed...

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