Wheel\Tire Sizing for Beach..Help!


Hey All,

After spending a few days researching, I am humbly asking for some assistance.
First, the important info...

Currently: 2008 Trailblazer LT, on stock 18x8 wheels with 245/60-18s.
Goal: Gain ground clearance and traction for strictly beach driving (no offroad), minimize tire poke, no cutting\trimming if possible

I don't want to lift this thing to the sky, just get a bit of frame clearance to keep off the sand, and gain a whole bunch of tire so I can actually air down and get some traction.

If I go with a 2.5 inch lift all around, lengthened shocks in the rear, and 1.5" wheel adapters, What is the optimal size wheel and tire for my goals? What are my width limitations if I am not looking for the tires to stick out from the body more than an inch or two?

Commonly I've seen 265/70R17 with 2.5 inch lift with no trimming. Is that my best option?

Any\all assistance is greatly appreciated!!


You want wide for flotation, but width leads to cutting quicker.

I had 265 70 17 on 17x8 and had to trim with only 2.5 lift and 1.3 adapters, but its not an exact science.


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I had 265 70 17 on 17x8 and had to trim with only 2.5 lift and 1.3 adapters, but its not an exact science.

Hmm. More I look I can only find 1.25" wheel adapters available now. Did you just have to remove some of the inner fender, or actual fender metal? What were your wheel specs? I will have to source new wheels for this, so I have some room to play with backspacing


It was over a decade ago I ran those tires and wheels. It was plastic cutting though.

With 1.25 adapters you will grind the studs a bit but if you are ok with that, then you can run 1 inch if you want. Keeping yourself tighter to the body will help with trimming.

I typically go for big wide setups to keep trees off my body in the woods, so the 265s did not last long and I went to a 305-65-17 on a -6 offset 17x9 w adapters and that called for some metal cutting.

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