What are you towing with yours ????


Picked led this baby up yesterday in Oshawa. It's #3544 dry, #5346 GVWR, #346 tongue. TB handled it pretty good but it was no speed demon. It did have to downshift to 2nd on some grades but most it just unlocked the TCC for cruise to hold my cruising speed of 60mph.

Yeah, I know, it's squatting a bit. That's because I didn't have the chance or tools to properly adjust the WDH hitch. Hoping to do this today.





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Very nice. Are those the published weights or did you measure? It's my understanding that pre-2010 RV trailer weights were largely fictitious. At least, this is what I've read.


That's what was hand written in the manual that came with it. The specs sticker is unreadable. I think they are accurate numbers but I should get it weighed just for kicks and giggles.

The ad also had an error. it's actually 24' 7" long. I'm just going through it now. Took all the tires off to get them replaced tomorrow and checked two of the four brakes as well as lubed the bearings. I'll do the other two tommorow. Also have to seal up some stuff outside with Dicor (around lights, receptacles and such) and the bathroom light doesn't work (fuses good). Also want to go over the roof but I'm too heavy to walk on it. We just had a hard rain and no leaks so that's good.


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On the length... if the 'coupler to rear bumper' length is 24' 7", that's somewhat 'normal'. But if that's the 'box' length, yeah, it was off. But I'd suspect the first scenario. My own trailer has a 'box' length / marketed as 23' -- but the total length is spec'd at 29' 4" (!)

For the roof... you can take a 4' sheet of plywood or some boards to help distribute the weight, if you need to get on the roof. Or have kids 'on call' for when you need to get up there :smile:

Congrats! 🏕


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On Wednesday last week, towed my Mercury to the State Troopers office to get it inspected. It did not like it at all. Time for some maintenance.. Wonder what its malfunction is..


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It did have to downshift to 2nd on some grades but most it just unlocked the TCC for cruise to hold my cruising speed of 60mph.
Similar results here towing 5k+ lbs today.

TCC lock in 4th was a no-go. 4 was okay for flat road. 3 was required on any slight grade. 2 was required a time or two, but pulling a hill at 4k / 60mph was painful to watch on the fuel gauge.
But hey, I got some golf carts and a counter top by burning 5 gallons of gas. What's there to complain about?


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A week or so ago. Hauling a tandem axle trailer with a ‘49 Ford F3 rolling frame and engine/trans, along with a 90’s F350 trans and some scrap. Pulled like a dream, cruised 75 down the highway like it wasn’t even there. Just had to leave a little more space when braking. 9EC7F7E2-24B5-47BB-9A6D-A0033F0AB57A.jpeg


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First happy day in a boat owners life. Picked up a 1984 Bayliner 2150 Ciera down in Indiana today. The TB pulled it just fine. Total weight is around 4,600 lbs. Needs some cleaning and upholstery work, but I only gave $1,650 for the whole package. Smooth running Volvo Penta 225D (GM 305) with a 280 outdrive. Perfect time to get it - just in time to store it!

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