TPMS Sensor Relearn Procedure

Hi All Happy New Year,

I can't get my new tires sensors to be recognized by my 08 9-7x 4.2

Purchased new VDO-branded sensors and just had them installed (but not relearned) I am following the owners manual to relearn the new sensors and am unable to get the front drivers side sensor to be recognized. I am able to initiate the tire sensor relearn mode (key to run position, e-brake on, headlight switch off-parking light 4 times, horn beeps twice). Next step states to either remove or add air for up to 2 minutes in the drivers front tire. I tried both several times but nothing happens.

Anyone have a similar experience with this?


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Try programming again this time deflate or fill the passenger side. You may of gotten a bad sensor. Worth a shot and probably what I would do.
I also had that problem with the CCC sensors that wouldn't relearn. I even have the TPMS tool, which worked great on my Caprice. I just put a piece of black tape over the light :biggrin: . My winter tires don't have sensors but in the spring, I'll try starting with the passenger to see if it is a dud sensor.
Tried the right front and no dice! I was short on time so I didn't try the backs. Obviously that is needed for a conclusion on whether the sensors are duds but I've read somewhere to reset the lift gate module by pulling fuses. I suppose that can't hurt.

Please tell me I got the right ones!

VDO Redi-Sensor SE10001HP Programmable TPMS Sensor
Looked it up and it appears to be the right one. Found these instructions and it says you need a TPMS tool with these sensors.

For OE sensors lower the air pressure or use TPMS scan tool trigger at valve
stem in the left-front tire until the horn beeps once. Use TPMS scan tool trigger
at valve stem for REDI-Sensor.
Tool isn't too expensive. I have this one and it worked fine for me:

So I guess you can't use the "let out the air" method with these.
What attention to detail! I missed that subtle distinction between their OE and Redi-sensor line. I'll give this a shot and let you know. Thank you for looking at this!

BTW, pulling the 2 LGM fuses removed my service tire sensor message and flashing idiot light. Although now I see the check tires pressure message and solid orange light.

Hopefully those annoying messages all go away with the relearn tool. Waiting patiently for delivery.
Had same issue with my Saab 97x. Purchased the tool that Mooseman reccommends and it works perfect.
Good to hear! Looking forward to trying this out tomorrow.

It will be nice to do it in my driveway and not have to drive to a gas station just to refill all the air I released!
So far no luck with the relearn tool!

Going to try again, I even pulled and replaced the LGM fuses thinking that might help. I am pretty sure I can enter relearn mode because I can get my horn to beep twice with the headlight switch.

Hmm, turning into quite a task!
I now that with the relearn tool, on a couple of them, I had to push the button a second time and reposition a bit.

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