The Random/Funny Pic Thread.


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What I put on my snap story tonight. Lol
I was honestly amazed at how easily my Tb pulled that fellow out of the ditch. He was packed in there and my brother was telling me I probably couldn’t get him out but it was worth a try.
In the defense of the f150, the guy in the ditch said he thinks it was 2wd.


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Can you guess what this is? It shut down a school
Talk about a "batty" issue: An estimated 600 bats reportedly infested a high school in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, causing the school to close both Monday and Tuesday.
On Monday morning, the winged creatures were reportedly seen flying through the hallways of Gueydan High School, Vermilion Parish Schools Superintendent Jerome Puyau said.
Is this the same as a snow day???


While watching TV, noticed something moving on top of my shed... One of the neighborhood stray cats had hopped on top of my neighbor's shed (about 5 feet tall), then hopped up on mine and hung out there for about 45 minutes. The nearby squirrels weren't too happy about it, and were pretty noisy until the cat left.



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child in wheelchair on trampoline goes viral
FARGO, N.D. (FOX 13) - A gymnastics facility in North Dakota is giving children of all abilities the chance to take part in gymnastics and other activities they wouldn't normally be able to participate in.
Video of a little boy named Wyatt jumping on a trampoline while in his wheelchair at the TNT Kid's Fitness and Gymnastics facility has gone viral, having been seen nearly five million times on the facility's Facebok page. In the video, Wyatt is flying in the air in his wheelchair yelling, "Faster!"
"Our post of Wyatt and Nate jumping on the trampoline on Thursday is going viral!" the facility posted. "TNT hs been receiving messages of encouragement from all across the world about how his video has inspired them," the facility wrote.
TNT says it welcomes children of all abilities and not only helps children, but challenges and empowers them to reach their full potential through their unique physical fitness programs.
TNT says it began in 2006 with just over a hundred children and now they help 2,000 children a week and they're currently in the process of launching a national training program for gymnastics facilities around the country.

"We know this population is undeserved and our goal is to spread this kind of joy as far as possible," the facility told FOX 13.


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Great Dane gives birth to 19 puppies
KINGMAN, Arizona — A Great Dane named Cleo in Arizona just became a mom…19 times over!
According to the Kingman Animal Hospital in Arizona, the dog successfully delivered the puppies by C-section on Saturday.
The hospital said all of the pups are healthy and mom is "doing great!"
A Facebook post by the animal hospital went on to say "congrats to the momma dog and our hard working staff that came in for this emergency."


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The good still happens

Man spends $540 on cookies so Girl Scouts can escape cold
GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A mystery man is being hailed as a hero for buying all the cookies some Girl Scouts had for sale, saying he did it so they wouldn't have to stand outside anymore.
South Carolina mother Kayla Dillard said on Facebook that the man paid $540 in cash for all the girls' cookies, saying he did it "so y'all can get out of this cold" outside a store near Greenville, South Carolina.
WYFF-TV reports that the man posed for a picture with two Girl Scouts after buying their cookies last week, but no one got his name. Dillard said she still hasn't been able to confirm his identity.
Greenville is about 140 miles (225 kilometers) northeast of Atlanta.


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Saw this on the way home about a month ago. Still torn on if it's just a stuffed/mounted deer head or he's headed home from hunting, with his kill in the back seat.



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And then this dude taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood...

THE VILLAGES, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - A huge alligator was caught on video taking a stroll in the Villages on Saturday.
Jacob Scher shot the video over the weekend.
People stopped to stare at the alligator that walked by without bothering anyone.


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All these average sized alligators. The Salt Water crocodile averages 14-17 feet in length.


and alligators and crocodiles are two different animals...

Like comparing a lion and a housecat.



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Yes they are but, they're all part of the group Crocodylia and all Alligators are Crocodiles but not all Crocodiles are Alligators.


And my example is all cats.... some are big and others small. A 50 lb house cat is impressive and a 300 lb lion is too, can't put only size as the key measure. Must have the frame of reference as to what species they are.


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