Suspension parts

Hello guys. I have my 03 Tb due for some front suspension work. As far as replacing control arms upper and lower what brand do you guys recommend. Im looking at Ac delco mevotech and moog. Any experience with these? Let me know my tb will appreciate it.


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Any of those three are pretty reputable. Not knowing the specifics I would go with the cheapest price which I would guess to be about the same. There are issues with moog on other components but there they should all be about equal.
For personal reasons, I never recommend mevotech. I've had cracked components and their ball joints don't really last.
For the upper I kinda go with whatever as the upper ball joint is in the knuckle. I think I had Dorman on mine.
For the lower I'd go with Moog or similar because of the ball joint. Not a fan of Mevotech, but maybe their pro line is OK. Their basic line is meh at best, IMO.


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I did the opposite of @Sparky - Moog (ball joints) in my uppers, and putting in Dorman LCAs in the spring (sitting on the shelf). Just did the uppers over the summer & less than 1000mi on them. So I'm probably not a great source of info. I was curious re: Sparky's experience, so I kinda (?) hijacked the thread.

Sparky - how did the Dormans do in the uppers? Failure / mileage on them?
Never had an issue with them, but upper arms don't have the joints in them so I wasn't too worried. Dorman's bushings seem to be reasonable quality. I did use Moog upper and lower ball joints. I never replaced the lower arm or bracket because somehow the original lower bushings never failed on me even after 14 years and 215k miles. The passenger ones got a bit squeaky at one point but that was it.


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Appreciate the reply. Same for me - lowers were still ok, so I decided to wait on those.