Question re: different size wheel / tire on same axle


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Does anyone know if there would be an issue with running a 16" spare on a rear axle that had 17" wheels / tires?

Why I ask...
I scored a nice set of 17" wheels the other day. But only the 4 were offered (and I forgot to ask about a 17" spare, anyway).

Was looking tonight for an 8-lug spare in 17"; found some, but not a lot out there, and $$$ for what would be just a spare.

Went to car-part, and found a pic of a door label from a 2500 - it showed the OEM wheels as 17", but the spare as 16". (I'll post a pic at the end of this post, for reference)

I know I could get away with running a mismatch on the front axle (even at highway speed) until I could get the flat fixed / replaced. My main concern is with the locking diff (Eaton G80 on most; mine is a Dana 60, but also has a locker)

Yes, I know I could swap a front to a bad rear, and then put the 16" on the front, if I had to.



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Ah - so as long as one adjusts via the aspect, all is good. Thanks. I probably shoulda figured that out on my own, but appreciate the quick reply.


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What @ddgm said, I'd just get a new tyre for the spare that is the same overall diameter as the normal tyres and call it good. If you don't, you're still OK, just don't use 4WD like that.


When I had 33s I had a spare on a 15, a 16, and a 17. Wheel size does not matter, only tire diameter as mentioned.

Only thing could be if the spare and other is significantly different width then it could throw off the handling some. If so, prolly better to run them on the rear, not the steering.

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