NEED HELP New IPC Needs Odometer Correction


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I replaced / upgraded my original Instrument Panel Cluster with an LED-equipped, rebuilt cluster with working PRND123 and odometer displays; however, my odometer is reading 238k whilst my TrailBlazer only has 176k - I need to reprogram my odometer. I've got a Tech 2 setup, although I suspect it's not designed to reprogram an IPC's odometer. :lock_it: My web research has only turned up $100 reprogramming services and devices for imports. :book: Can anybody shed any light on which direction I should blaze the trail? :biggrin: Thank you all for your time.

- southsidesmoka
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You're right. The Tech 2 will only program the odometer on brand new, never used clusters.

I've seen those reprogrammers from China but have no knowledge of how they work. We do have a thread here on them:

They are in the $300+ range on Aliexpress. If you do get one from there, you should register with to get 3% cash back.


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I'd recommend just paying up and sending it out to a repair shop (plenty to be found on ebay) who already have the high dollar equipment and can reprogram used clusters at a fee. My exact plan if I ever need a used cluster..

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