Need service manuals? Get them here!


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Mooseman, in your signature where it says " Need service manuals? Get them Here! " , it doesn't connect to any thing for me. I've tried Google Chrome and IE, and I get nothing.
Do I have a setting wrong? Am I missing something? Or is it not linked?
The links in the initial post do work.
What are you talking about? It works fine!

I fixed it :biggrin:. Must have been screwed up during the software change last fall or when I changed my signature and links


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Many thanks Mooseman. As a nooblet I am eager to learn all I can.

Question: I have just downloaded the 2002-2005 service manual, would there ever be a reason why I might want the 2006/07/08 documents ?
My pleasure. It was someone at TV that shared them and I just made it easier by hosting them since file sharing sites are crap. And since I don't really use my site for anything (really, there's nothing there so don't even bother), figured it could be put to good use. They seem to be some sort of factory manuals or third party but they're legit. Only thing I could see in there was "Courtesy of General Motors". Thanks GM!

Nothing to register. You should just get a prompt for the login and password. If any problems, just send me a PM.

PS: I don't know why, the links at the OS don't work anymore :tongue:[/
I downloaded the 02-05 service manual and have a question. Is the 2004 cooling system the same as 2005 ?? I have replaced the water pump ( airtex ) fan clutch ( hayden ) thermostat and ECT sensor ( AC Delco ) new belt and cleaned the throttle body and still have the P0480 code come up at start up of vehicle. I'm going to test wires on Easter Sunday but want to confirm that the test procedure is the same
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Yes, they are the same. Check the fan fuse and relay, which you can swap with the headlight relay to test. If still having issues, please start a new thread in the tech section.


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Hi Mooseman, is there a schematic showing all the colors of the wires going to the 3 connectors of my PCM? I thing a service tech broke off the lt blue/white wire from the 3rd connector.


I'm on my phone at work right now so I can't check at the moment. Send me a PM to remind me when I get home tonight.


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I've got a feeling this one is somewhere amongst the others... but after searching each listing, I could not locate it specifically. And since this is for the Oldest of The Trailblazers... I thought it would be worth grabbing a DL of it before it disappears completely:

432 Page PDF ... Original Owner's Manual 2002 Trailblazer:


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So to bother you but I can't seem to get the link to work. I put in my user id and password but it just resets the fields? I disengaged the block up block. Any ideas?

Edit: Sorry, I should have read where you wrote in large red text the username and password. :dunce:

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