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2002-05 Service Manuals 871.8 MB
2006 Service Manuals 80.9 MB
2007 SS TB Service Manuals 27.1 MB
2007 TB Service Manuals 15.0 MB
2008 TB Service Manuals 80.3 MB

NOTE: This is a specific login to download THESE manuals. NOT your GMTNation username and password. Please do not PM Mooseman if you use your GMTNation username and it fails.

login: gmtnation
password: freemanuals

Please note the sizes. Download speeds should be good. On my 10Mbps cable, I was getting full 1.2MB/sec download speed.

Here are additional individual manuals that were previously available on another site. The site has since gone offline but I saved all of these manuals, which are now available here. From what I can tell, these are separate sections from the main large manual above.

Same login and password as indicated above.

I6 cooling specs and belt routing
2001-2003 4L60-E Overhaul
2003 Airbags
2003 Brakes
2003 Electrical Components Locations
2003 Engine Mechanical 4.2L
2003 Engine Removal & Installation 4.2L & 5.3L
2003 Front Drive Axles
2003 Fuses
2003 Service and Adjustment Specifications
2003 Starting and Charging
2003 Transfer Case - NVG 126-NP4 Overhaul
2003 Vacuum Diagrams
2003 Wiring Diagrams
2004 Component Connectors
2004 ABS Brakes
2004 BRAKES Hydraulic Brakes
2004 Parking Brakes
2004 DRIVELINE AXLE Drive Axle - Locking Limited Slip
2004 DRIVELINE AXLE Front Drive Axle
2004 DRIVELINE AXLE Transfer Case
2004 DRIVELINE AXLE Wheel Drive Shafts
2004 Electrical Control
2004 ENGINE COOLING Electric Cooling Fans
2004 ENGINE Cooling
2004 ENGINE Electrical
2004 ENGINE Engine Mechanical - 4.2L
2004 ENGINE Engine Mechanical - 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L
2004 ENGINE Exhaust
2004 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Engine Controls - 4.8L, 5.3L, & 6.0L
2004 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Engine Controls - 4.2L
2004 GENERAL INFORMATION Maintenance And Lubrication
2004 HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
2004 HVAC Manual Systems
2004 Service Indicators
2004 STEERING Power Steering System
2004 STEERING Steering Wheel and Column
2004 SUSPENSION Rear Suspension
2004 SUSPENSION Tires and Wheels
2004 TRANSMISSION Overhaul
2006 Air Suspension
2006 BRAKES Anti-Lock Brake System
2006 BRAKES Disc Brakes
2006 BRAKES Hydraulic Brakes
2006 Driveline Axle Drive Axle - Locking Limited Slip
2006 Driveline Propeller Shaft
2006 Engine Mechanical 5.3L
2006 Engine Electrical
2006 Electrical connectors and components locations
2006 Power Steering System
2006 Rear Drive Axle
2006 Rear Suspension
2006 Steering Wheel & Column
2008 Gauge Cluster and Instruments
2008 Air Suspension
2008 Antilock Brake System
2008 Cellular, Entertainment & Navigation
2008 Driveline Axle Front Drive Axle
2008 Driveline Axle Propeller Shaft
2008 Driveline Axle Rear Drive Axle
2008 Driveline Front Wheel Drive Shafts
2008 Engine Cooling
2008 ENGINE Cruise Control
2008 Engine Electrical
2008 ENGINE Engine Controls & Fuel - 4.2L
2008 Engine Exhaust
2008 Engine Mechanical - 4.2L
2008 Exterior Trim
2008 Fixed and Moveable Windows
2008 Front Suspension
2008 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
2008 Horns
2008 HVAC - Automatic
2008 HVAC - Manual
2008 Hydraulic Brakes
2008 Instrument Panel & Console Trim
2008 Interior Trim & Paneling
2008 Electrical Components Locations
2008 Lighting
2008 Maintenance & Lubrication
2008 Mirrors
2008 Park Brake
2008 Power Seats
2008 Power Steering
2008 Rear Suspension
2008 Service Reminder Indicators
2008 Steering Wheel & Column
2008 Sunroof
2008 Supplemental Inflatable Restraints
2008 Tire Pressure Monitoring
2008 TRANSMISSION Automatic 4L60-E
2008 TRANSMISSION Shift Lock Control
2008 Wipers & Washers


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Thanks for sharing!


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DL now, what manual is this?

it looks extremely extensive... is this the GM service manual?

I got a warning saying I needed to register this or the other.


My pleasure. It was someone at TV that shared them and I just made it easier by hosting them since file sharing sites are crap. And since I don't really use my site for anything (really, there's nothing there so don't even bother), figured it could be put to good use. They seem to be some sort of factory manuals or third party but they're legit. Only thing I could see in there was "Courtesy of General Motors". Thanks GM!

Nothing to register. You should just get a prompt for the login and password. If any problems, just send me a PM.

PS: I don't know why, the links at the OS don't work anymore :tongue:
:goodpost: This will be a handy resource for nooblets as well as veterans who didn't get em the last time around. :biggrin:
Oh sweet *downloading*


Me007gold said:
have multipal copys of each, one of each lap top, and one on my pc. Thanks!
Why not just use dropbox so you can easily access it from any place?
If anyone is having speed issues to download the TB 02-05 Manuals (since it is 870MB), you can use JDownloader to get it. I was using chrome to download it and the first 10-15 sec I would get about 2.0MB/s then it would throttle down to about 25Kb/s and then get stuck and stop downloading. Not sure why, I tired it with IE as well and got the same problem.

When I used JDownloader it took a while but I got the whole file. Thanks again OP! :smile:

You don't need to specifically use JDownloader, I would assume any kind of download helper would work, I just prefer JDownloader.
Can these be posted on a resources section of GMTNation? I am not too keen about downloading from a private site and the other link provided in another thread is routed through a tracking website.


Umm this is a privately owned site... What would be the difference? One of our members has posted it and hosting it, you only have to download it once. IMHO


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Mooseman said:
... Download speeds should be good. On my 10Mbps cable, I was getting full 1.2MB/sec download speed.
I have 45Mbps fibre at work.
These came in at the full 4.5MB/sec. Loving it!
Great post!


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Wow! Thanks soo much!
Troubleshooter said:
Can these be posted on a resources section of GMTNation? I am not too keen about downloading from a private site and the other link provided in another thread is routed through a tracking website.
As you saw, these are pretty hefty and could be troublesome for the forum to host and hard on its bandwidth. I own the site and primarily use it for email since the site is basically just a shell, never having the time to actually build it. It's an unlimited storage and bandwidth account. So far, with all these downloads, my webhost has not said anything so I assume it does not bother them. It's just a normal HTTP download with a login and password to prevent anybody else from just posting a direct link and I don't collect any info. I don't know what other thread or download you're talking about but if it's the ones on the OS, then I can't say anything about those but I recommend downloading them from here. Nothing to do with not liking the OS or anything, you have nothing to worry about here :thumbsup:


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I download the 02 file, but buggered if I can open them. I used Winzip, then Adobe 9.4 and it says that it is unsupported or damaged. Any ideas? Maybe my Adobe is too old...but so is this PC, so I can't upgrade to the new version yet.

I downloaded the file and no problem here. I just used the native Windows 7 ZIP functionality to extract it and opened each PDF, no issues. I also used WinRAR to test the archive and it found no errors. Maybe try the following:
- Use WinRAR to extract the ZIP file
- Re-download it. It could have been corrupted during the download. It happens.
- Maybe try another PDF viewer.

How old are we talking about here? If it runs WinXP, it should be able to run Adobe PDF viewer.


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Older than's a step up from a stone and chisel! :rotfl:

I'll play around with it and see what I can do.


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Hey Moose thanks a bunch for making this available, I do all my own work on my TB and this sure makes alot of stuff much less time consuming.
For most of them, they list TrailBlazer, Envoy and Bravada. For pretty much anything mechanical, they would work for all GMT360/370 (TrailBlazer, Envoy, 9-7x, Bravada, Rainier, XUV, & Ascender) as they are interchangeable. One thing that was listed only for the TB was the wiring. Maybe another thing that could be a bit different is interior trim and exterior lighting. Even then, some of these would still work. Wiring would be the same for everything except the lights and instrument panel.

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