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Greetings from Kansas City!

Thought I'd finally stop lurking around and say hello to everyone. I've been using this forum, and another that shall not be named, to do research on fixes for my vehicle. I have to say, I can't thank you all enough for what I've leached so far.

For instance, I suddenly developed a really rough idle. And I do mean suddenly - I was completely fine at one stop light and then when going into a drive-thru the engine felt like it was going to die a clunk-clunky death. I've pulled the codes and some searches one of the suggestions was to clean the throttle body. I am not meaning to start a help-me-fix-this thread. This is just story time.

Now, I am no mechanic. It's not that I'm inept. I just lack the experience, tools, and a safe location to do repairs myself. However, after watching MAY03LT's video how-to (awesome), it was incredibly easy and that thing was absolutely filthy. I would love to report that it fixed the problem - it did not. However, I wanted to give credit where credit is due, so thank you for that video. There's that bit of pride that comes with doing things yourself.

So, my truck:
2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS, I-6 that just recently had it's 200,000 mile birthday. Honestly, I'm surprised its made it this far as I am not nice to vehicles. I've had it almost 10 years now, and it replaced a 2000 GMC Jimmy that I wish I hadn't traded off. It's had its front bumper ripped off (not my fault - amusing anecdote), it's had a crazy old lady's car ran down its side, recently had it's tail-light assembly destroyed by a Denali truck whose new owner apparently didn't know how to drive it. It's been all over the Midwest helping people move and chasing tornadoes and has the hail dings to prove it. It's on its third windshield, second transmission (3rd and 4th gears went on vacation and never came back), and third set of tires.

Right now it needs:
- Rough Idle/P0016 fixed. Unfortunately I am just going to have someone figure this one out for me. I'm not that good yet
- P0410. I've had this problem for years
- That all-to-common problem with broken HVAC actuators where the front vents don't work. In process of trying to fix this too, but it's been so blazing hot. I walk to work everyday, so there's no rush to fix this.
- Rear-windshield wiper hasn't worked in years, would love to get that working again
- Center console broken
- Driver's side visor needs to be put back in. Long story short - never let CARMAX work on anything.
- Fix that little light on the temperature controls. It's burned itself out and makes changing temperatures at night slightly difficult
- Fix that one noise - I think the resonator needs to be tightened down
- Replace the spare-tire wench. "Tired" of having my spare in the back.

Over time, I want to fix the scratches, dings, and other cosmetic problems and hopefully keep this car around for a very long time. It's never left me stranded and deserves some care put back into it.

So that's all. Hello, and thank you for the help so far! For S&G's, I've attached the throttle body before & after.

throttle-body-before.png throttle-body-after.png


Welcome to the Nation! And you can mention Trailvoy. We do. We're not afraid of that deserted wasteland and use it as reference as well.

Sounds like you have your work cut out for ya. When you need some help, post it up!


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Sounds like you have got your work cut out for you. Both forums are great resources, but as you probably already know, all of that great info on TV came from the members of this site.

My OCD is pretty bad with repairs. If I see something broke or have a CEL, I want it fixed yesterday :yes: I am sure the members of this forum can help/walk you through the majority of your issues.

Welcome :tiphat:


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Welcome John...

If the P0016 Code was NOT present previously...and you can hear any metallic clinking or shuddering near the front and top areas of the Valve Cover.,.. With 200 Grand Miles of Wear and Tear... Your first suspect is either an over-stretched Timing Chain...or a Failed Timing Chain Tensioner. If that is the case... it is the one HUGE Achilles Tendon Injury this motor suffers from and the repair is quite arduous and expensive... even for anyone with a wide and empty garage... four, full roll-around tool boxes...and a head full of mechanical knowledge and experience.

If this turns out to be the case... and since your engine has so many miles on it now... the best solution is to scour eBay and see if you can find a GM Atlas 4.2L LL8 I6 with an equal year range...that has a lower mileage engine out of a fresh collision that proves...The Heart of the Beast... was still alive and running... just before impact. Sales of engines that show photos WITHOUT showing the Donor Vehicle they ostensibly came from are the suspect engines to step away from. @therealsethallen has recently had to swap the motor out of his vehicle... and so consulting him as a first effort will help you to get the details on what to expect.

And right at this very moment...I am awaiting the arrival of mine... within the week. As soon as it gets here, I'll I start the Prep of the engine and performing the removal of the Original Engine out of my 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS. I'll be regularly posting copious images and the text describing all the R&R steps along way... and so you are welcome to drop in and peek over my shoulder as things progress.



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