It's cold. How do you heat your shop / garage?


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(Mods: I'm thinking this would be a great post for the new shop/tool section we've been discussing; feel free to move it there, if you agree)

Getting ready for a week-long deep freeze here in IL (and much of the midwest, too). I actually don't recall that it's ever been as cold here as it's predicted to be next week (lows of -11F and -17F (-23 to -27C, for the frostbacks), among the highlights (lowlights?) That's "I don't want to leave the house or start the car" weather, to me (especially since the cars I'm driving...are all outside right now, with the blue Sierra in the garage.)

The one I'm driving most of the time right now has full synth in it, at least. The others will sit under a thick blanket of snow (with more coming), for now.

I actually ordered insulated coveralls a couple of days ago, since I plan on having the Sierra spending the winter in the garage, fixing / modding. And I've got two 1500w heaters - one that I normally use in my trailer (it oscillates, has a t-stat, etc.), and another small one that I use under the truck when I'm on the creeper. Sadly, the larger one isn't great at heating the entire 400 sq. ft (approx), even when it's warmer than what it's going to be. If I have both running full-tilt, I don't have a lot left for lighting, air compressor, etc. And I gotta have a radio! LOL

Thinking about getting a 'Big Buddy' heater (propane, 4K - 18K BTU, fan control, can run on 20lb tank; low O2 shutoff). Figure that's a better option than one of those kerosene 'bullet' jobs (which I don't have room for, and scared that I'd burn the house down with it, besides), or one of the gas-fired ceiling furnaces (not busting out walls to run black pipe). The AC type mostly require 220 service, and I'm not running that, either (not to mention what it would cost to run one, compared to natural gas). Although 220W would give me options for a compressor upgrade, down the line.

So...before I lay my $ down (I figure I can use the 'Buddy' for camping, too)... what's everyone else using / recommend? Feel free to show / recommend an option I'm not currently planning on using - I'd like to hear about 'what works for you', especially for the really cold temps (yes, southern GMTN members, you can participate, too...LOL...I know you start feeling cold about 50F, but I won't hold that against you (too here, 50F is 'shorts & sandals')

(as an aside, we don't even wait for 50F; I was picking up dinner tonight and saw a teeny-bopper sitting inside, wearing open-backed suede / fleece slippers... *without* socks). 10F outside, with a foot of snow on the ground. SMFH...


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Two 1500 watt heaters works for my garage. Even at zero it'll keep it around 67 degrees which works. But my garage makes working on the vette hard... as in I don't think the TB actually fits. Which sucks.

I've also used the tank top heaters. They work well.


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Well I'm here south of Buffalo NY so you know that it gets cold here. I've been heating my garage with a wood stove, not as easy as turning up thermostat but, super toasty and cheap with all the Ash trees dying and pallet wood around. My dog sleeps out there and he hasn't complained once.


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I've had one of these propane heaters from when I lived up north. Worked great then, and still works great today...25 years later. Heats the garage in a relatively fast time.



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I wouldn't recommend this, but I'm sure glad the PO of my property did it. lol

My garage has an old Lennox fuel oil furnace.

Basically sold me, I was more concerned with the garage, the house was side note lol

I also found an old 220V heater in the basement of the house, I took it to the garage for when I'm spraying primer/doing bodywork to help warm the floor, and not having an open flame.


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We just moved, the garage is split in half, with a wood stove on one side and a propane heater on the other. The propane heater works best and fast, but due to finances (haven't sold the old house yet) I probably won't be having the tank filled for a while. The wood stove takes a while to get the chill off. I had the wood stove going the other day and after 5 hours you could feel the heat 6 feet away.


Use a small fan to blow across the woodstove and it will heat a garage easily. I miss having mine. Cheap and effective heat. If I get a detached garage again it will definitely get a woodstove.


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Have a natural gas heater hung in the corner of the garage with a thermostat.

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