Is there a better aftermarket headlamp assembly for halogens?


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Hi Everyone,

My headlamps need to be replaced after 151,000 miles of faithful service. I have tried restoring them but it didn't take care of all the cracking.

I want to see if anyone had any thoughts on whether there were any better aftermarket assemblies that are better then OEM? I am going to replace the bulbs as well. I was planning on going with the Silver Star Ultras and would like to know your thoughts on them as well.

I look forwards to the replies. Thank you all very much and have a great weekend!

George D.


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In regards to aftermarket I've tried both eagle eyes and the no name ones DNA motoring sells. I can tell you the latter sucks. The eagle eyes have a much better light dispersion. I've used TYC and depo for other vehicles and haven't been disappointed. I second the LED bulb idea.

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