From $1.79 to $2.35, in 18hrs


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Yesterday, I saw that gas prices had dropped to $1.89 at one of the Shell stations near me that usually has (some of) the lowest prices, and had heard that prices would be rising soon, due to the price of oil on the markets breaking out of its tailspin. So...I decided to fill up two of the three vehicles (one being the Voy).

When I got to the Shell, swiped my Fuel Rewards / payment cards, I noticed the price dropped not by the customary .05 - but by .10 $179.9 for a gallon of gas! (I had forgotten that our local stations have 'Big 10 Tuesdays' - living in the midwest provides an occasional benefit, I suppose). I honestly can't remember the last time gas was that cheap (I remember sub-$1.00 as a kid, so don't go there, ok ?) :laugh:

Today, as I was going to pick up a part for the Sierra, I noticed one of the nearby stations had shot up from $2.02 yesterday, to $2.33 today. Sure enough, I opened up Gas Buddy and saw $2.30's everywhere - including $2.35 at the very station I filled up at yesterday. (maybe they should call it 'Big 55 Wednesdays' ?) :mad:

Wondering if others noticed big increases in the last 24hrs?
I know the old adage "drop like a feather, rise like a rocket" WRT gas prices...but that's obscene.

Did the Gulf of Oman suddenly dry up?
Did they finally reach China at the Alberta tar sands pits?
Did Oklahoma suddenly frack itself into a magnitude 9.0, statewide?
Here it's still stable in the $0.95CAD/litre range. When we went to OG to pick up packages at MyUSAddress on Saturday, prices there were in the $2.40USD/gal. For the first time ever, it was cheaper at home at 0.92CAD/litre. I did the conversions (currency and L<>gal.) and the US gas came to about $0.95CAD/litre so we didn't fill up. Prices here haven't been this low in two years. Heck, premium is cheaper than what we were paying for regular a couple of months ago. Crazy.

I can explain why US gas is going up. It's partly due to Alberta cutting its oil production. We have surplus in reserve and we can't move it fast enough to our only client, the US, because we have no pipeline. We were selling our barrel of oil at $14 while from other places it's in the $55 range.


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$14? FOURTEEN dollars a barrel? You're digging to China for $14? I thought tar oil wasn't worth extracting unless crude was in the $80/bbl range -?

Respectfully...I think other factors are also being that the US had requested the Saudis to pump Ghawar dry if they had to, through the elections (& they complied)...that helped set up a glut. Recently, KSA announced they were cutting back (surprising, if you ask me, given the Khashoggi events -?)

There are other factors involved, too, to be sure.

$14 freaking dollars...I'd leave it in the sand, at that price - Keystone XL or no. Besides - the meme was supposed to be 'PRC will be happy to get the supply, if no KXL is built' ? Which brings us to 'global economy tightening' - another factor. Lots of things, like I said.


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2.40 a gallon here. Without the newly enacted gas tax, 1.97. Thanks new Jersey.


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In nearby North Battleford, gas just went down to 92.4 cents a litre. Lowest it has been in a while. A week ago diesel was still 124.9 a liter.


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You should riot like in France.
Well, although the method might not have been desirable, they did achieve the desired result. The new tax is being rolled back.

In a way, I can see their grievance. Environmental Tax? Sure...when we see some other countries (who enjoy cheap subsidized gasoline & use 25% of the world supply) enact one. A noble idea (reduce consumption) enacted in a most regressive (& ham-handed) way.

Le gouvernement devrait craindre son peuple
(Government should fear their people (not the other way around))


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You should riot like in France.
Like half the current administrations people assaulted women and this far the governor and Mr. Booker (who also openly admitted assaulting women in college) have now turned a blind eye. If we rioted I wouldn't be surprised if we were shot at by these clowns. Smh, we also got another new tax to help protect schools. Then I looked into it and there is no allocation clause at all so it is quite literally a 15 million dollar blank check for the state. It's a joke and I plan on leaving this place asap.
I never worry about the gas prices. They are too political and regional to really mean anything except to your wallet if you need unleaded that day. I watch the truck stop diesel prices and when they really move, then you can see what is truly going on with the oil industry and the economy.


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The station I frequent gets two fuel deliveries a day.
Here we have the weirdest pricing. It's always higher in the morning and throughout the day, drops to where it's lowest in the evening. That's only this area though. Across the river in Quebec, they have a regulatory body that has to approve gas price changes. This was done after the big oil companies were selling gas at below cost to kill off the independent retailers

Some people are also quite oblivious to the prices they pay. I see people getting gas at a station that is several cents higher than another one across the street.


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I saw this about 2-3 weeks ago. One gas station on one corner was 1.979, the gas station caddy corner to it was 2.399. For 40+ cents, Im driving my happy, lazy, ass across the street!

I paid 2.079 on Monday, and today its 1.979 at the same station.

The range of pricing in my neighbor hood is ludicris. 1.969 on one end of town, and 2.999 on the other end of town..
Yep, use gasbuddy here too. In fact, that's how I was able to compare prices between here and NY.


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This reminds me time I visited an Uncle in St. Louis about 25 years ago. A new 7/11 convenience store opened up nearby and were a single penny cheaper than the full service, with a mechanic on duty, gas station across the street. The line for the 7/11 was nearly an hour long! Allowing the full service gas station to fill up my truck I was very happy not getting fuel over on my hands and staying in my truck for the cost of 10 or 15 cents! And zero wait time getting my fuel either. The folks waiting across the street maybe saved 20 cents to wait a full hour. As I explained to my younger cousin who was with me the reason you want to purchase fuel from this station was "when the temps are 30 below zero and your car won't start" this mechanic can come and get you started because he knows you!) Generally where I live in florida most gas stations are very competitive and usually don't vary much over several pennies so I use the ones easy to get into and out of AND don't regularly have card readers found on the pumps. This after noon I paid $2.01 per gallon of unleaded. Much nicer than the $2.70 a week or two ago.
That I don't get. I see long lines at the Costco gas where you would save 2¢/L at most and wait 30 minutes. Even on a 100L/25gal fillup, that's $2. I'm all for saving money but my time is worth more than that. And most of the time, surrounding stations are offering the same price.


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Costco is great for the competition. Forces the prices down in the local area....good if you don't like the line ups or just don't have a membership.


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Costco is great for the competition. Forces the prices down in the local area....good if you don't like the line ups or just don't have a membership.
In New Jersey you are legally not required a membership for costco and the likes fuel

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