Explain your username to us


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License plate. Ohio only allows 7 letters/numbers so I couldn't have BOW TIE SS. :frown:

Here's the tag on the first vehicle to wear it:

1996 Impala SS



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I drive an 2007, TrailBlazer (TB) and the Rider part was because I drive it and I thought it sounded cool. Kind of Knight Riderish :biggrin:

I'm screwed if I ever switch to another truck though :rotfl:

Short Bus

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With the extra length and the 3rd row seat the EXT is kinda like a short bus

Boricua SS

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Well, since I'm Puerto Rican, we are called "Boricua's" and since I have my SS, Boricua SS was born...


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I've always been a DIYer, house, car, whatever needs fixing. Three years ago I became a first time father at the ripe old age of 47.
While shopping for baby clothes one day, we saw a T-shirt that said "Dad-O-Matic, Just add tools" and it just seemed to fit, literally and figuratively.

Edit: My beautiful daughter's picture is my profile pic.


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I first used Mark20 on a site dealing with satellite TV. Its my first name and the model number from a DirecTV satellite receiver I worked on.


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"fletch" = nickname way back from high school that has stuck all these years.
"09" = had just gotten my 09 when i found "a" forum. had an 03 ext from 03-09


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Animal was what friends used to call my pickup years ago. I am animal on several other sites so I used it hear as well.


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Roadie's Nickname FAQ:

It came from three separate paths, and all were good, so they stuck.

At college (1969-73) I was in the lighting and film projection crew
(before computers, geeks were always running the AV equipment. I was
licensed in Massachusetts by the Public Safety Commission to run
carbon arc movie projectors.). Worked on lights and sound for Harry Chapin on his
first college tour, J. Geils Band, Aerosmith, and a few others.

Much later, I was the volunteer sound engineer and roadie, for the
world's only Moody Blues cover band, called Odyssey, from Portland,
Oregon. Only together for three years (1996-8), Odyssey had a few
dozen gigs around the northwest, and opened for the Kingsmen once. But
half the band had day jobs, so it was only a few nights a month and
local weekend gigs that everybody could play.

Separately, in my day job, when we were a startup with no money in
1984, we needed three systems to get to a trade show in Washington DC
from Boston in 18 hours, and no air freight connection was affordable
or even available. So I rented a Ryder truck and drove all night to
get them there, after engineering made them work at 9PM, saving the
show and our early reputation.

Now I run customer support for a small semiconductor test system
company, started by some friends I've worked with over the last 38 years,
and I fly about 100-120K miles a year (over 3.7 million miles in 35 years),
so I'm still the Roadie.

roadie.com and roadie.net were taken, so I own the vanity domain roadie.org.


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the roadie said:
At college (1969-73)
After seeing all the "kids" on this site, I'm glad to see I'm not the oldest guy here, unless you graduated college when you were 10. :rotfl:


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the roadie said:
Much later, I was the volunteer sound engineer and roadie, for the
world's only Moody Blues cover band, called Odyssey, from Portland,
this is awesome. Ha!

Will is my 1st name, N is my last initial, and 513 is Cincinnati's area code= willn513


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Well, Blazernut was too many letters to type all the time and after Hatchet started calling me Blazerbut (And he had never even seen it!) I thought I would keep it simple when I made the move to a fresh start.

B (for Bill) and Lade to profess my love affair with my Escalade :love0001: = Blade

(@ Rodie - I grew up with the Moody Blues music. I still have the vinyl stored away to each and every album. Even Moody Blues #1 which was not the later truly defined group but had to buy it anyway)


HARD is first psrt of my last name.

TRAIL is where I like to play

Z is from when I first got on a forum with my Z400.


Thumper - picked it up in high school and it stuck with me through the military. Especially when it came to firing the weapons like the M203 and Mk19.

DJ - came a long while I was in the military and DJing part time at barracks parties and the clubs.


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Mine was pretty easy the color of my trail blazer


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Mines pretty self-explainable but here goes.

Mich = I live in Michigan. Envoy = Its my baby. Guy = Im a 31 year old dude. :biggrin:

On the other sites I was MichEnvoyBoy but I also made that name when I was 23-24 and much more boyish. Now Im getting older, crankier, and demanding better beer.


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I tend to be a bit nocturnal. Not a morning person unless there's a hike involved. When friends picked up on that and my mild fascination with the moon, I earned the nickname "Coyote". That's fine until it gets associated with smuggling illegals or you try to be the 8925th person to use it online. Living in Southern Arizona among all the sahuaro cactus, I like the association with good ol' Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes. For online stuff, I went phonetically to drop the middle initial (and avoid possible infringement lawsuits) and it became Wyle Coyote.
My girlfriend often goes by "RoadRunner", but she hasn't mastered the "beep beep" sound yet. :biggrin:
View attachment 17536 (handheld with a $100 Fuji point-and-shoot & 1/640 sec shutter)



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I got the nickname "Porkins" because I'm jolly in size just like the Star Wars Y-Wing Pilot Jek Porkins aka Red Six.


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Man, every time I see a thread like this I'm not sure how to respond, cause frankly I've had this username for so long that I'm not sure where it came from. This username dates back to the IRC days. I tried to use Kage, but it was already taken so I added the _ to it. :smile:


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TB = obviously, trailblazer
360= positive overall turnaround. I am Bimmer360 too on bmw forums.


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Couldn't think of anything witty and original, so I went with something mindless and boring - Denis is my first name and 7966 is my street address.


Welll I was a big fan of the x files and we race Radio control cars and the vehicle of choice when i started was the team Losi XX sooo it just became xxfile.
only problem is it sometimes hits corporate filters and get stopped like it was XXX rated lol...
so i had to get it out of my old email address...


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Mypetropig = well its mine , petro is another name for gas and pig because its not the greatest on gas.


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I needed a login for my dad's BBS so....

ST:Voyager s2e2... I was 14 when it originally aired (Sept 4, 1995). Mistook the name Karden as Kardain (hey, the internets wasn't what it is now back then.... Scripts were hard to track down), but have been using it since Sept 5, 1995... Wasn't until several years later that I discovered the misspelling.


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Cruzin - because I love anything I can cruise in (cars, boats, etc.)
Queen - my last name
Budmiester - My first name is Buddy, and usually go by Budman, but that handle is usually always taken. Added the "Meister" part, just because it works. It is intentionally misspelled. I suck at spelling and the whole I before E stuff was always lost on me. I use it on any of the forums I subscribe to, which is one Harley, and three Envoy/Trailblazer. Which is now really just two.


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I was a long haul truck driver for 9 years and when i stoped i had 1.2 million miles in an 18 wheeler.


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I kept mine simple too. It goes back to my e-mail address though. The other option I liked was "BoneBag".


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My name goes back to a line in the movie Young Guns, "Regulators, mount up!"

I have always had a fascination with the wild west. The paintball team I used to play for was even called the Gunslingers!

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