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Used the same name for over 35 years. Started out as / back when people cared about number of keystrokes.
Changed to slash and later on to sLAsh.
Was more of a lurker than an active poster on TV but when I noticed that a lot of the people I looked to for solid info had migrated here I had to follow.
Good luck with the new site.


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For those from TrailVoy, you already know what mine is. For those who don't, here goes:

Scarab = Wellcraft's Offshore power boat, big in the 80s/90s and currently no performance models are being built. My parents bought a 21ft Scarab I back in '88, its older than I am! :rotfl:
Epic 22 = Toyota's brief entrance to high performance ski boats in the late 90s/early 00s. Only 547 boats were built across 5 models, I believe our '99 Epic 22 is one of 90 Epic 22s in the world.

So it has to do with my boat obsession, I started off back in late 90s as "Scarab1" but it was a little short. My parents had just bought our new boat in '00 so it became "Scarab1Epic22" then I decided to just drop the "1" and leave it ScarabEpic22. Been online under this screen name since at least 01, if not 00.

Lima Tango

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My Air Force rank is often casually shortened to LT (pronounced ell-tee) so I applied the phoenetic alphabet to that for my sn. It will be obsolete in a year and a half though when I hit captain, probably should have planned ahead a little more.


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Before Three 6 Mafia took their music in the wrong direction, they were my favorite rap group for some time (Big ups to 66-61 When the Smoke Clears) so i made all my online usernames tripplesix.
I should add that unfortunately, for the longest time (in my adulthood) i though tripple was spelled with two "p"s. you should have seen my amazement :eek: when i realized how wrong i was. there was no need in changing it after that. :biggrin:


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I have been DJing for a few years now and at most events I am referred to as Mr. DJ so the name just stuck.


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to make a long story short, my buddy and I were looking for a fish pond.
he had been to the pond before and had a forestry map showing where it was.
He couldn't find the pond.
I was able to use the map and find it. From then on I was the navigator.
Death was the nickname for my first car. A '71 Ford Maverick that looked like I drove it out of a demo derby. Every ride in it was an adventure for me, and a nightmare for my friends who gave it the nickname. Frequent small, flash fires from wiring, parts falling off, etc...

After a horrendous camping trip one summer we was stranded by Death refusing to start. After some frankenstein work and a full 24 hrs of work, Death roared to life. A buddy told me that he had heard of tales of just such a person that could animate dead things like I just had. It was funny at the time. Death was re-branded to AnimateDeath and got us all home. It was my first car, and is my second most favorite vehicle of all time.

Just for the time line, I am 35 right now. I got the maverick when I was 15, it lasted two years with me, and had 322,763.3 miles on it when it finally just laid down and died forever. R.I.P.


What do you get when you mix a 12 year old with an interest in electricity and wires and no sense of safety whatsoever? :rotfl:

The name stuck ever since.


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Mine started years ago when I didnt own a car that I hadnt modified ridiculously. We were trying to come up with a licence plate for, at the time, a Triumph TR8 with over 300hp(nothing like a 2500lb car with 300hp). She said, why dont you get MNYPIT8. Then my Z28 plate said MNYPITZ, and so on. So my garage started being called mnypitgarage, and I even created an email for that. So there ya go. MNYPITTBEXT because it is getting ready to be my next money pit, its a TrailBlazer and its an EXT.


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Just my initials. Karl H. Schroeder.
Simple and direct, (so as not to tax my butter knife sharp wit...) :crazy:


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Well I bought an Envoy, that parts simple. I'm from Newfoundland and for those who don't know we're sometimes called Newfie's. Some people don't like being called a Newfie, they feel its a degrading name but I fail to see that. I'm proud to be from Newfoundland and I'm proud to say I'm a Newfie. It's really how you use a nickname that's degrading. So I like the nickname Newfie, I don't like it being used in degrading context but that can be said for anything.



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Mine is pretty self explanitory, 4w for 4 wheel and Voy cause i gots me an Envoy. I was going to put 4wdVoy but it didnt look as cool as 4wVoy. it was an impulse pick of a screen name but i like it


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I am a mother to 6 children(5 boys 1 girl) and I drive an Envoy. So VoyMom.


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Well....my voy is "silver", the"n" is short for and, and the "clean" is for the look I have and wanna keep. Hence the name silvernclean.


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I have a degree in Geography/GIS from the University of Maryland, College Park. Geo is short for Geography, and the UMD mascot is a terrapin, which is a type of turtle. My avatar shows Testudo (the terrapin) in front of a north arrow.


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Marty was a nickname I was given while overseas (short for Martinez, at least thats what I thought :biggrin:). 395th ordnance company was the unit I was deployed with.


Juicy K

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Once upon a time. I was born, My Parents named Me Justin, their last name was Kinney, so came Justin Kinney... I had a friend that saw me spill pineapple/orange juice on myself and he called me Juicestain. Eventually Juicestain turned into just Juice. Since my last name is Kinney I myself decided on, Juicy K.


Used to be n866 on trailvoy n8(as in Nate)66(as in 66 Impala)

New name n847 n8(as in Nate)47(as in 47 Plymouth Coupe my new project!)



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All my friends called me Shrek in high school, and my favorite number when I played football was 77. Giving shrek77.
The user name refers to my ethnicity and occupation. I am a proud member of the Navajo Nation, and I am a Radiation Safety Specialist.

I drive a 2002 GMC Envoy SLT 2WD in Onyx Black with 189K on her. I have owned it for several years, but am now just getting to play with it because my wife has purchased her own vehicle.

I travel often to the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners area, and it has become very apparent to me that I need some modifications. I am planning Z71 spring replacements for the factory air springs, and Mark's 2.5" lift.

Why a lift on a 2WD? If you think it is because I am trying to pose, you have never seen the Reservation roads. 3" pot holes, huge dips, cracks, and monster speed bumps that you have to go diagonally over or else you'll bottom out. And that's just the paved roads. Washboard, gravel, sand, mud, and snow all have plagued me. I have been driven my vehicle many places that I most people wouldn't dare take a 2WD, but that's just life on the Rez!


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redleg6...was my first call-sign assigned back in the late 80's...I was a forward observer attached to the 75th Regt when we deployed to Panama.

And the name stuck.

In military circles a redleg refers to field artillery personnel. Members of Field Artillery are referred to as "redlegs" because during the American Civil War they were distinguished by scarlet stripes down the legs of their uniform pants.


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dingle is short for dingle-berry because im just a little piece of shit.lol it was a nickname given to me at work. it is also my name on xbox live.


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Mine is just because when I went to come up with something new for here I was thinking about my last name (starts with Mc) and GMT.

When I thought about that it made me think of McDLT (YUCK) and pow I had my U/N

Denali n DOO

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I wanted an Envoy to replace my pos 98 exploder limited. I eventually ended up buying the Envoy Denali. The main purpose of a 4x4 was to tow my ski-doo up north. When I needed username for the OS I figured my Denali is always with my ski-doo so Denali n DOO was my choice. My friends all call me Doc but that's a much longer explanation as to how it became my nickname!!!


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First truck I had when I joined a forum (mys10.com) was my 89 Blazer. So Blazin, I dropped is as low as I could stock, low and it was an 89. blazinlow89. It kind of stuck from forum to forum.

Other than that I was born in 86' and my name is Josh.


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khead was my nickname for all games that I would play with roomates...

they all moved out. I stayed in college.

It became Dr. khead once I got my degree.

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