Every Canadian should let Amazon know they are DISGUSTED with them right now


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Dec 6, 2011
I am literally sick to my stomach.


Amazon published a book by Canada's worst serial rapist and murderer. This scum is going to profit while he relaxes in prison and laughs at how he has all the time in the world and free internet in order to write books.

Paul Bernardo raped at least 14 women (and many more that couldn't be proven) and together with his girlfriend, kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered two 14-year-old girls in Ontario.

She taped him while he tortured and raped the young girls over a period of weeks and then again when he finally killed them for their own sick satisfaction.

These two are not human. They should not be afforded any human benefits. He will likely never get out of jail. (His girlfriend walked free many years ago, mostly because she was going to testify against him and because they didn't find the tapes of the brutal tortures, rapes and murders until AFTER her trial.) He once told his girlfriend that he wished he had taken her virginity, so they drugged his girlfriend's 13-year-old sister. While she was passed out, he raped her and she recorded it on video. She choked on her own vomit while passed out, and died.

I am absolutely DISGUSTED and appalled with Amazon right now. You can guarantee I will NOT be doing any Christmas shopping with them this year.


Nov 18, 2011
It's not Amazon's fault. It is just policy to let people get their books out. I know lots of small time writers of survival fiction it has helped to get things published.

The only ones to hate on are any purchasers. They are the scum.


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I'm not happy about it neither. He's one reason we need the death penalty back. But what the law says is that he can't profit from his crimes which he isn't. It's a fiction he wrote.

They should accidentally let him out in general population for 5 minutes and things would work themselves out.

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