Can you guys have a look at my Build Plan?


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First off, let me say thank you to all of you guys. You all and this site and offroadtb have helped me tremendously. I am so grateful for this huge library of knowledge that goes back many, many years. Tons of experience, and page after page of learning. I've done so much learning about my truck in the last year or so, that I never would have figured out on my own or even knew that it was possible.

I've researched for hours and have pretty much determined where I want to go with it. I just want to run it by you guys to see if I missed anything, or if there's something I'm not including. Here's my current idea for lift and suspension. All feedback is extremely appreciated. You guys are like gurus on this stuff by now and the best people to go to for advice.

-Alright, so I already have the BFG Mud-Terrains T/A KM LT255/75R17 mounted and balanced on new wheels. That part is solid and done.


- UCA on the way (switched left to right and flipped)
- Supreme Suspensions 2.5" lift kit
- Moog 81114 springs
- Bilstein 24-103336
- Strut Mount Kit KYB SM5395
- 2" Wheel spacers


- 2012 Tahoe springs on the way Part # 25978750
- Skyjacker N8030 (20 - 7/16" washers to fill in each side of the bottom mount.)
- 2" Wheel spacers

Couple of questions though. Are the Moog springs going to be just plug and play with the Bilsteins?
And are the Tahoe springs also going to be just plug and play? I mean my mechanic isn't going to look at me and say. "Well, these aren't made for your truck."
Will just the Tahoe springs in the rear be enough clearance for the BGFs? The BFGs are 32.1" and if the springs give an extra 1.5" lift and it's at 30.6" stock, then it would be exactly 32.1".
Or should I stick with the 3"/2" and be .5" higher in the rear?
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Yes, those springs will go right on the front shocks, no problemo.

I think the Tahoe springs should go on OK. I've not used other springs than stock springs (with a spacer). Others will have to chime in but from what I understand they fit the perches fine.

Tires should fit fine with the 1.5" extra out back.
I've seen where someone used Koper-Kote on the plate before they put the wheel spacers on, and then more on the other side of the spacer before they put the wheel on. And someone used blue Locktite on the lug nuts to secure the spacers, are these steps recommended?
And I just want to double check on the torque specs. It's 103ftlb for the spacer lug nuts and 150ftlb for the wheel lug nuts, is that right? And with the shocks being aftermarket, could someone let me know what the torque specs should be for the rear and front shocks?
I never used anything anti seize or loctite on mine, but it wouldn't hurt.

Torque spec is the same 103 ft lb for both the lugs holding the spacers, and the wheels to the spacers, which is the standard torque spec. At least, I don't recall anyone ever telling me that the wheel to spacer torque should be any higher than factory wheel lug nut torque, and my wheels never fell off.

Torque specs on the shocks will still be the same. Length of the shocks won't affect the fasteners.
103 for both on the torque. A few people have put loctite because they found one loose but most do not. Also make sure you remove the retainer clips to make sure the spacers are flat against the facings.

Not very many people have used the KYB shocks up front when lifting. Most of us have stayed with Bilstein HD.
Ah misread that. I also missed that he is wanting to use supreme suspensions lift...

If you go with the Lift Meister 3" lift you can get rid the most of the top end of the struts, it is built into the lift if I remember correctly.
is there anything else I'm missing, any little tricks like the 7/16 washers or any other details I'm missing? Are you sure that I won't need a little lift in the rear to keep the tire from rubbing? I don't want to go too high or extreme, I just want the tires to fit basically, that's the whole reason why I'm getting the lift.
if you do a 3/2 lift, it should clear the 32s without many issues. The rear already has more clearance then the front.