2015 factory radio unlock

my boss has a 2014 caprice ppv with a my link radio. in 2014 rear view camera wasn't an option, and he wanted it in his car. so i added all the factory trim, camera, etc, then replaced the radio with the silver box from a 2015 ss that has nav, rear view, etc. i now need to relearn the vin to turn off theft lock. i talked him into buying me a mdi2, telling him i could save him the 400 that whites auto and media was going to charge to do it. I have been 3 days now fighting this. can someone please give me a little help? i can install whatever i need i work on computers for a living, i just dont know what will actually do it. thanks in advance.


Hey there fellow PPV owner! I have a 2011 so not the same generation and I think I'm the only one on here that does own one at all.

However, knowing what I know on programming modules, 2014+ would likely require you to get an ACDelco TDS subscription however, because you're programming a radio from one model and year to another, it will likely reject the VIN you're trying to program in, whether you use the PPV or SS VIN, in TDS. That's why you would need White Media to hack the silver box. He did it for mine to activate everything he could, including the backup camera.

Beyond that, maybe someone at the other forum I frequent can help.

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