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    NEED HELP Instrument panel going haywire

    How's the battery?
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    If you couldn't have a trailblazer what vehicle would you have?

    I was hoping the new Trailblazer would make the state's. I was looking at an Aussie article that showed a Z71 package which was sweet. . The article above mentions FWD and dismal 0-60 times which if that came over...
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    Spark Plug (Coil-On-Plug) Boots at!

    Just bought six a few weeks ago. Great price too.
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    Waterpump Replacement - 2004 I6 Trailblazer LT - Plus Transmission Cooler at Same Time

    Air hammer is the way to go when you pull the fan clutch off.
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    Looking for opinions on oil and oil filters

    I use Amsoils Signature Series. I was using the XL. OE is the least expensive at little over 4 bucks for synthetic which is cheap. I buy it by the case obviously since I use it on my MR2 stroker engine. I tend to use the Amsoil or Six filters but I have used AC Delcos that I've got from Rockauto...
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    2004 Trailblazer - Tick - Oil Change - I6 4x4

    On my Toyota it was the screens that would get dirty. Once cleaned it was GTG. I've used the Amsoil flush on the TB and was pleased. Engine looks really clean inside vs yellow. It also quieted the engine.
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    2004 Trailblazer - Tick - Oil Change - I6 4x4

    Try the amsoil flush before your next oil change. The amsoil flush is very mild and leaves it very clean. In my other car the ticking tended to be a dirty VVTL cam .
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    Cross Country Towing

    At 191k it will be rough. My truck at 171k doesn't want to tow anymore. If I even think of towing with it it gives me all types of codes. My last two tows was a 2200lb car with a Uhaul trailer from West Virginia to Florida and she did okay. The last tow from Venice Fl to St. Petersburg towing a...
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    Tampa Bay Area Mini Meets!!

    Hey, Sorry for not making it out. I haven't got on the board in a while. My phone is still out and I wont have one till the end of the month. My little ones B'day was also this Sunday. I'll shoot you a PM with my work cell.
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    Door Lock Not Turning Suddenly

    You might have the wrong truck! It happens when you get old. :blinkhuh:
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    No 4×4

    Have you checked your axle disconnect? Mine was chewed up.
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    DEAL New Preferred Customer Offer: 18-Month Membership for the Price of 12 *

    New Preferred Customer Offer: 18-Month Membership for the Price of 12 * Offer Effective July 6-12 Offer only Valid for Preferred Customers who receive the offer via email * Not for Dealers nor all Preferred Customers Preferred Customers who are within 60 days of membership expiration will...
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    FOR SALE FREE Drivers Side Blinker Mirror

    That is awesome of you! Thanks!
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    FOR SALE FREE Drivers Side Blinker Mirror

    Damn I just need the drivers side grey signal! If you don't need the grey. I can send my orange signal.

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