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The Original Bio-Mechanoid Illustration was conceived and painted via Air Brush by H.R. Giger... RIP Hans Rudi... You Mad, Artistic Genius!

In the Original 1979 Sci-Fi Classic “ALIEN” Movie… Yaphet Kotto’s Character “Parker” ...The Senior Tech-Mechanic supervisor of Harry Dean Stanton’s character “Brett” (...RIGHT!) was the first Human Being on board the NOSTROMO Landing Craft to make the clinical observation of just how dangerous an adversary “The Face Hugger” was after the Android “Ash” and their Boss, “Captain Dallas” tried to remove one of the Arthropod-like limbs from around Kane’s Head. But when penetrated… a concentrated Yellow-Green Molecular Acid poured out onto the Deck and threatened to eat its way through to the Hull of their Spaceship.

Dallas said, “I haven’t seen anything like this...except Molecular Acid..”
Then Brett observed...“It Must Be Using it For BLOOD...”
Parker Replied… “It’s Got a Wonderful Defense Mechanism… YOU DON’T DARE KILL IT!”

So… from that scene… it begs the Question, “What Kind of Chemistry WOULD be involved with an Alien ...having ‘Acid for Blood’...?” The Non-Science-Fiction, Real World Pure Chemistry answer may come as a Big Surprise to you:

...and so all of this information explains “Why are PTFE (Poly-Tetra-Flouro-Ethylene) Teflon Engine Gaskets ...so GD’d Durable?” :>)

Oh... and about those Dual Jaws inside the Adult Alien's Maw mentioned in the end of the last video... those have an 'Earth Borne' design as well... Hiding deep inside of the Moray Eel's Head and Throat. If THIS thing Bites You... Forget about getting loose:

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